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director reports 1 killed, 11 wounded at Gaines' Mill. (555, 570, 621, 625) Mentioned in reports of Stonewall Jackson, Gen. C. Winder, Gen. Bradley Johnson, Gen. D. H. Hill, Seven Days' battles. (630-633) Mentioned in report of Gen. R, E. Rodes. (634, 638, 639) Mentioned in reports of Col. J. B. Gordon and Col. B. B. Gayle.

Vol. XI, Part 3—(482, 532, 601, 650) 550 strong, Peninsula campaign. Col. B. B. Gayle commanding regiment, July 23, 1862.

Vol. XIX, Part 1—(261, 302) Mentioned in Federal reports of battles of South Mountain and Antietam. (808) Same assignment, Maryland campaign. Col. B. B. Gayle and Lieut.-Col. S. B. Pickens with regiment. (1021-1030) Gen. D. H. Hill, in report of operations July 23 to September 17, 1862, calls Colonel Gayle a most gallant and accomplished officer. (1034-1038) Report of General Rodes, battles of Boonsboro and Sharpsburg. The Twelfth lost heavily. Lieut.-Col. B. B. Gayle was seen to fall, and Lieut.-Col. Samuel B. Pickens was shot through the lungs; the former was left on the field supposed to be dead; Pickens was brought off.

Vol. XXI—(541, 1073) Rodes' brigade, Second corps, army of Northern Virginia, battle of Fredericksburg, December 13, 1862. Lieut.-Col. S. B. Pickens in command of regiment.

No. 39—(792, 807) Assignment as above, Chancellorsville campaign. Medical director reports 14 killed and 77 wounded. (944-946) General Rodes calls attention to gallant and meritorious conduct of Colonel Pickens at Chancellorsville. (948, 951, 954, 955, 959, 960) Mentioned in reports of Col. E. A. O'Neal, Col. J. M. Hall and Col. J. N. Lightfoot. (960-964) Report of Colonel Pickens gives 6 killed and 32 wounded, May 2d, and 7 killed and 55 wounded, May 3d. Total loss at Chancellorsville, 14 killed and 87 wounded. (986) Gen. Alfred Iverson in report of Chancellorsville says: "I then communicated with Col. S. B. Pickens, commanding Twelfth Alabama, whose gallantry on this occasion I cannot too highly commend, so completely and courageously did he lend himself to aid me preparing the line to resist an attack." (2053) Roll of honor, Chancellorsville: Capt. H. W. Cox, Company B, killed in action; Sergt. William Lawless, Company C; Privates Louis Dondero, Company A; R. W. May, Company B; J. E. Bailey, Company D; C. H.