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Gaines' Mill; Capt. P. V. Guerry and Lieut. A. McIntosh, at Cold Harbor; Capts. J. H. Allison and H. C. Brainard, at Gettysburg, and Capt. John C. Oates died of wounds received in the same battle; Capt. Frank Park was killed at Knoxville, Captain Glover at Petersburg, and Capt. B. A. Hill at Fussell's Mill.

Among the other field officers were: Cols. John F. Trentlen, Alexander Lowther, William C. Oates (who was distinguished throughout the war and has since served many years as a member of Congress and also as governor of Alabama); Col. James Cantey, afterward brigadier-general; Lieut.-Col. Isaac B. Feagin and Maj. John W. L. Daniel.


Vol. IV—(425) Gen. F. K. Zollicoffer, September 24, 1861, says: "There is at Knoxville the Fifteenth Alabama, numbering 900 men, of which only 300 are fit for duty."

Vol. V—(1030) In Trimble's brigade, Kirby Smith's division, Potomac district, January 14, 1862.

Vol. XI, Part 1—(415) Mentioned in Gen. L. McLaws' report of engagement, Dam No. 1 (Lee's Hill), April 16, 1862.

Vol. XI, Part 2—(484) In Ewell's division during the engagements around Richmond, Virginia. (506, 608) Casualties, 35 killed and 117 wounded, June 26 to July 1, 1862. (605) Mentioned in General Ewell's report Seven Days' battles. (614-616) Mention of regiment in Gen. I. R. Trimble's report of the battles around Richmond, Captain Guerry shot while cheering on his men, (857, 864) Mentioned by Gen. Maxcy Gregg and Col. D. Barnes. (985) Capt. P. V. Guerry, Lieut. A. McIntosh killed, June 27th.

Vol. XI, Part 3—(648) Trimble's brigade, Ewell's division, army of Northern Virginia, July 23, 1862.

Vol. XII, Part 1—(20) Mentioned by General Fremont. (713) Mentioned in Gen. T. J. Jackson's report of the battle of Cross Keys. (717) Casualties, 9 killed and 37 wounded, battle of Cross Keys and engagement at Port Republic. (779, 781, 784) Mentioned in Gen-