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the gunners and drivers, the lead horse having been shot. Captain Ashford went to the piece, under the enemy's fire, cut the traces of the dead horse, ordered two men near by to assist him, and drove it away—preventing its capture by the enemy. Lieut. Wm. A. Patton, while at his post encouraging his men, fell, facing the foe." (603) Mentioned by Major Hardcastle, Shiloh. (605) Mentioned in report of Twenty-seventh Tennessee infantry. (788) Assignment as above, June 30, 1862.

Vol. XVI, Part 1—(1132) Mentioned in Colonel White's report of the battle of Perryville, October 8, 1862.

Vol. XVII, Part 2—(633) In Wood's brigade, General Bragg commanding army of the Mississippi, June 30, 1862.

Vol. XX, Part 1—(660) Same assignment, battle of Murfreesboro. (679) Return of casualties, 24 killed, 142 wounded. Lieuts. David E. Bentley, R. W. Garland, Lewis E. Jackson, Robert W. Roebuck and Benj. H. Russell, killed. (845-851) Mentioned several times in Gen. P. R. Cleburne's report. "The following officers and men of the Sixteenth Alabama distinguished themselves on the field: Col. W. B. Wood and Adjt. B. A. Wilson (wounded), Capt. William Hodges, Company F; Lieut. C. Davis, Company B; Lieut.-Col. G. W. W. Jones, Company G; Lieut. G. Pride, Company A; C. F. Carson, Company C, who remained fighting after he was wounded; Lieut. D. O. Warren, Company F; Lieut. Thomas Salter, Company D, who was wounded, but returned to the field the moment his wounds were dressed; Sergt.-Maj. Robert H. Cherry and Private Harvey G. Sargeant, Company H; Privates William Boyce and James Peeden, Company C; Sergeant Bowen, Company H; Sergt. H. W. Rutland, Company A; Private Peter White, Company F; Robert Williams, Company B; and H. D. Smith, Company A, the latter wounded in both legs." (896-900) Mentioned in Gen. S. A. M. Wood's reports. "Col. W. B. Wood was always in the lead.” (900-903) Col. W. B. Wood, in his report, speaks of those mentioned above by General Cleburne; also highly commends Lieutenant-Colonel Helvenston, Major McGaughey, Adjt. A. B. Wilson, Lieuts. D. W. Alexander, W. S. Humphries and J. N. Watson; praises the efficient services of Capt. T. A. Kimball, chaplain, acting in the infirmary corps, and of Surgeon F.