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No. 74—(644) Assignment as above. (646) Cantey's division, with army of Mississippi, Gen. Leonidas Polk in command, June 10th. (653, 660, 665, 671) Cantey's brigade, Johnston's army, Maj. Thomas J. Burnett commanding regiment, June 30th. Thomas A. McCane commanding regiment, July 31st. (941-943) Mentioned in reports of Col. E. A. O'Neal in front of Atlanta, July 31, and August 22, 1864, Maj. T. J. Burnett in command. Captain Ragland killed, "a gallant and meritorious Officer." Highly commends Capt. J. F. Tate.

No. 78—(855) Cantey's brigade, Hood's army, September 20, 1864. Capt. William W. McMillan commanding regiment.

No. 93—(666) Cantey's brigade, Hood's army, December 10, 1864. Capt. John Bolling, Jr., commanding regiment.

No. 98—(1063) Shelley's brigade, Johnston's army, April 9, 1865. Col. Edward P. Holcombe in command of regiment.

No. 100—(735, 773) In Quarles' brigade, consolidated with First and Twenty-ninth Alabama, under Capt. Benj. H. Screws, March 31, 1865.


The Eighteenth Alabama regiment was organized at Auburn, September, 1861. Its first duty was at Mobile. At the battle of Shiloh it engaged in the severe fighting which resulted in the capture of Prentiss' division, and was ordered by General Wheeler to carry the prisoners to Corinth. It returned to Mobile, where it remained till 1863. It was prominent in the battle of Chickamauga, September 19th and 20th, losing nearly two-thirds of its number, killed and wounded; participated in all the subsequent battles of the army of Tennessee and was distinguished in the Dalton and Atlanta campaign; engaged in the battles in front of Dalton, May 7th to 12th; Resaca, May 14th and 15th; Cassville, May 18th; New Hope Church, May 25th, and Pickett's Mill, May 27th. The regiment was also in battle at Peachtree Creek, July 20th; Atlanta, July 22d; Jonesboro, August 31st and September 1st; Lovejoy's Station, September 2d to 6th;