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Officers and men all behaved well, and it hardly seems just to make any distinction when all tried to do their duty, but I cannot refrain from mentioning Captain Ruffin and Lieut. J. B. Darby of Company H, Captain Mickle, Company I, Lieutenant Stewart, Company E, and Lieutenant Riser, Company K, who were especially distinguished for their good conduct during the battle." (408, 411) Mentioned by Colonel Woodruff and Col. A. R. Lankford. (533) Roll of honor, Chickamauga: Lieut.-Col, R.F. Inge;[1] Capts. J. H. Justice,[1] Company A; Orville A. Stringer,[1] Company B; J. H. Hammond,[1] Company D; First Lieuts. A. J. Kidd,[1] Company D; S. K. Fielder,[1] Company H; Private J. M. Carpenter, Company A; Corp. J. W. Williams, Company B; Privates J. P. Young,[1] Company G; Hiram L. White, Company H (since dead); Corp. C. Roden,[1] Company I; Private David Stewart, Company K; Sergts. R. A. Micars,[1] Company C; R. A. Lambert, Company D; Privates W. Howard,[1] Company E; M.Smith, Company F; J. H. Gwin,[1] Company H; Sergt. J. F. Williamson, Company H; Corp. C. W. O'Hara, Company I; Private W. A. McCarty,[1] Company K.

No. 55—(661) In Clayton’s brigade, Bragg's army, November 20, 1863; Maj. Shep. Ruffin commanding regiment. (745) Casualties, 4 killed, 48 wounded, Chattanooga-Ringgold campaign.

No. 56—(618, 805) Assignment as above, to December 10, 1863. (824) Aggregate regimental strength, 827, December 14th. (887) Assignment as above, December 31, 1863, Colonel Holtzclaw commanding regiment.

No. 57—(479) Casualties, 7 wounded, at Rocky Face Mountain, February 24-25, 1864.

No. 74—(641, 649, 657, 664, 672) Holtzclaw's brigade, Johnston's army, from July 10, 1864, to August 31, 1864, Lieut.-Col. P. F. Hunley commanding regiment. (818) Mentioned in report of Gen. A. P. Stewart. Operations May 7 to 27, 1864. (832, 833) Mentioned in report of Gen. H. D. Clayton, for May 7th to 27th, "Captain Darby, of the Eighteenth, a gallant and zealous officer." (834) Casualties, 2 killed, 4 wounded. (836) Report of Colonel Hunley, 14 killed and 97 wounded. (841-844) Report of Colonel Bushrod Jones makes special mention of gallantry of Lieutenant Stewart. (862) Mentioned in report of Maj.

J. E. Austin, Atlanta campaign.

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