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Jonesboro. Other field officers were Col. Joseph B. Bibb and Majs. Felix Tait, Francis McMurray, John J. Longmire, G. W. Mathieson and James T. Hester.


Vol. VI—(764, 765) General Bragg, writing from Pensacola, November 5, 1861, says: "Colonel Beck's regiment, already armed by private enterprise, is ordered to report to General Withers at Mobile." (772, 819) Aggregate present, 674, December 2d. District of Mobile, commanded by Gen. J. M. Withers. (894) Sent to Knoxville by General Bragg, February 18, 1862.

Vol. XVI, Part 2—(715, 719) Taylor's brigade, department of East Tennessee, Gen. Kirby Smith, June and July, 1862. (984) In Tracy's brigade, same army, October, 1862.

Vol. XVII, Part 1—(684) Mentioned in Gen. S. D. Lee's report of battle at Chickasaw bayou, near Vicksburg, December 28-29, 1862, (688,689) Col. W. T. Withers' report of same.

Vol. XVII, Part 2—(825) Two companies mentioned in field report of General Tracy's command, January 3d, at Chickasaw bluffs.

No. 36—(664) Mentioned with commendation in Gen. J. S. Bowen's report of the battle of Port Gibson, Miss., May 1, 1863. (673,674) Gen. M. E. Green's report of same battle: "All fought well and did their duty. All stood at their posts until ordered to leave." (678-682) Mentioned, I. W. Garrott's report of same battle.

No. 37—(95-97) Mentioned in Gen. C. L. Stevenson's report, battle of Champion's Hill, Miss., May 16, 1863. (101-103) Gen. S. D. Lee’s report: "The enemy was handsomely repulsed by the Twenty-third Alabama regiment, Forty-sixth and Thirtieth, all under the gallant Col. F. K. Beck, having moved forward under a heavy fire and driven back a battery of the enemy. These three regiments behaved with distinguished gallantry." (326) In Lee's brigade, army of Vicksburg, General Pemberton commanding, July 4, 1863. (343) Mentioned by General Stevenson in his report of siege of Vicksburg. (350-352) Gen. S. D. Lee says: "Regiment fought gallantly at the siege of Vicksburg; Colonel Beck was particularly brave and vigilant." (352,353) Capt. A. C. Roberts' report of en-