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O'Brien, B. Lieuts. J. A. Hall, Company K; A. B. Nelson, D; R. T. B. Parham, H; A. Young, A. Sergt. Maj. William Mink. Sergt. J. M. J. Tally, Company K; John Ives, A; Samuel S. Wiley, D. Privates Martin Duggan, Company B; Melbourn Deloach, C; Joseph Hall, E; Samuel M. Roberts (killed), F; A. W. Scott, G; James R. Green, H; N. Lankford (killed), I; A. Posey, K.

Vol. XX, Part 2—(403) November 14, 1862, regiment transferred from General Jackson's to General Duncan's brigade, Withers' division. (432) Fourth brigade, Colonel Manigault, army of Tennessee, November, 1862. Lieut.-Col. W. B. Dennett commanding regiment.

Vol. XXIII, Part 2—(735) Assignment as above, April 1, 1863. (942, 959) Manigault's brigade, Withers' division, Polk's army corps, Col. N. N. Davis commanding regiment, August, 1863.

No. 51—(15) Manigault's brigade, Bragg's army, battle of Chickamauga, September, 1863. (342-344) Mentioned in General Manigault's report: "The Twenty-fourth Alabama lost one of its most efficient officers, Captain O'Brien, a gentleman of accomplished mind, and a brave and gallant officer. Captain Chamberlain and Lieutenant Cooper of same regiment were severely wounded and their valuable services will be for a long period lost to their country. Distinguished for their conduct were: Captains Hazard, Oliver, McCracken, Fowler and Hall; Lieutenants Higley, Chapman, Parham, Dunlap, Young, Enholm, Wood, Hanley, Northrup and Short; Adjutant Jennison and Sergeant-Major Mink. Color-Sergeant Moody behaved with great gallantry.' (345-347) Col. N. N. Davis' report of same battle mentions the above names, also that of Lieutenant Nettles. Speaks highly of the officers and gives those of the men who behaved with great gallantry during the entire day: Sergeant Neil and Private Crevillan, Company A; Sergeants Wylie (killed) and Moody, Company D; Sergeant Bumpers and Private Hall, Company E; Corporal Sweat and Private Boswell, Company F; Privates J. M. Ragland and C. P. Hurtel, Company G; Corporal Tatum and Private Smith, Company H; Sergeant New and Private Walters, Company I; Sergeant Tally, Privates Wilson, Carter, Scott, Love, Eubank and Fulmer, in fact, all of this company (K). J. B. Hall, a youth of 17 years of age, joined his brother’s company (Company K) as an inde-