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No. 78, No. 93—Assignment as above, to December 10, 1864.

No. 98—(1063) With army in North Carolina. After April 9, 1865, the Twenty-ninth was commanded by Maj. Henry B. Turner, in Lowrey's brigade, Stewart's corps.

No. 100—(735) Consolidated with First and Seventeenth, Capt. Benj. H. Screws, Quarles' brigade, Walthall's division, Stewart's corps. (773) General Johnston, near Smithfield, N. C., announces change in assignments, Twenty-ninth to be in Shelley’s brigade.


The Thirtieth was organized at Talladega in April, 1862, and reported for service at Chattanooga. It was later brigaded under General Tracy with the Twentieth, Twenty-third, Thirty-first and Forty-sixth Alabama regiments. It took part in the fights at Tazewell and Cumberland Gap, and went into Kentucky; then being sent to Mississippi, fought at Port Gibson, May 1, 1863, with severe loss, making a brilliant record there and at Baker's Creek; it was captured when Vicksburg fell, after having suffered untold hardships. When paroled, it recruited and joined the army near Chattanooga. It fought at Rocky Face and at Resaca, and was in the van of the army in the Tennessee campaign of the fall and winter of 1864. At New Hope, May, 1864; Atlanta, July 22d, and Jonesboro, the regiment lost heavily; but it suffered still more severely at Nashville, whence it formed the rear guard in returning to Duck river. The regiment was transferred to the Carolinas, fought at Kinston and Bentonville, March 19, 1865, surrendering at last at Greensboro, with about 100 men. This regiment was noted for the number of its field officers killed.

Its field officers were Col. Charles M. Shelley, who was made brigadier-general and who afterward served in the United States House of Representatives; Col. James K. Elliott, wounded at Bentonville; Lieut.-Cols. Paul Bradford, who resigned; A. J. Smith, who was killed at Vicks-