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Vol. XX, Part 1—(660, 680) Wood's brigade, Cleburne's division, army of Tennessee, at battle of Murfreesboro, 14 killed and 86 wounded. (851) Report of General Cleburne of operations December 26 to January 3, 1863: Col. Samuel Adams, Capts. W. E. Dodson and Thomas Seay, severely wounded; Sergt.-Maj. Mizell mortally wounded, Corp. Isaac R. Smith, Company C; Sergeant Stewart, Company H; Private Boyd, Company I; Foster, Company E, and Riley, Company D, specially mentioned. (896-900) Mentioned by Gen. S. A. M. Wood, in report of same battle, who speaks very highly of Col. Samuel Adams. (903, 906) Colonel Adams, in his report of Murfreesboro, says: "For nine days my men were continually marching in line of battle, or actually engaged in fighting; very frequently slept in the rain without tents, and during the whole time not a word of complaint was heard. The men acted very bravely in battle, many of them when the regiment was moving forward utterly regardless of their safety, and were at all times far in advance of the line. In these engagements Capt. W. E. Dodson, commanding Company C, and Capt. Thomas Seay, commanding Company K, acted with much coolness and bravery, being in all forward movements in advance of the regiment, cheering their men forward. Near the close of December 31, 1862, Captain Seay fell, severely wounded. Sergeant-Major Mizell, at his own request, carried a gun into action on 31st, and took position near the colors; he fell, mortally wounded, in the first charge, in advance of the regiment, cheering the men forward. Corp. Isaac R. Smith, Company C, Sergeant Stewart, Company H, Private Boyd, Company I, Private Foster, Company E, Private Riley, Company D, each acted with much coolness and bravery during the engagements,"

Vol. XXIII, Part 1—(590) On picket near Wartrace, June 25, 1863, Gen. St. John R. Liddell's report.

Vol. XXIII, Part 2— (942, 959) Wood's brigade, Cleburne's division, Hill's corps, Bragg's army. August 10, 1863, Lieut.-Col. R. F. Crittenden commanding regiment.

No. 51—(12) Assignment as above, September 19-20, 1863, together with Eighteenth (Gibson's) battalion. (159-163) Mentioned in Gen. S. A. M. Wood's report of battle of Chickamauga (165-167) Report of Col.