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Chickamauga, W. G. Oliver at Jonesboro, W. H. Holstein, J. Maury Smith and Jno. R. Colquitt at Atlanta. Capt. J. B. Bickerstaff was killed at Murfreesboro.

Field officers: Col. Julius C. B. Mitchell, Lieut.-Cols. James W. Echols, J. C. Carter; Majs. John N. Slaughter and Henry McCoy.


Vol. X, Part 1—(789) Manigault's brigade, Withers' division; army of the Mississippi, June 30, 1862. Headquarters at Tupelo, Miss.

Vol. XX, Part 1—(659) Manigault's brigade, Withers' division, army of Tennessee, battle of Murfreesboro. (678) Casualties, December 31st to January 2d, 11 killed, 77 wounded. (696, 697) Statement of field officers of the Thirty-fourth, Twenty-eighth and Twenty-fourth Alabama, and endorsement of their bravery by General Manigault. (973) Roll of honor, battle of Murfreesboro: Corp. S. J. Numney, Company A; Privates J. R. Browning, C; C. P. Greer, D; James Shehorn, E; S. W. Reynolds, F; J. G. Whaley, G; T. N. Cloud, H; B. R. Covington, L; J. G. Metts, K.

Vol. XXIII, Part 2—(735-959) Assignment as above, April 1, 1863, with Twenty-eighth Alabama under Col. J. C. Reid. Maj. J. N. Slaughter commanding regiment, July; Colonel Mitchell in command, August.

No. 51—(15) In Manigault's brigade, left wing, General Longstreet, at battle of Chickamauga, September 19 and 20, 1863. Maj. John N. Slaughter commanding regiment. (341-344) Warmly commended by General Manigault, who highly compliments Major Slaughter. (348-350) Colonel Reid speaks of great service rendered by Lieutenant Mitchell and 30 of his men. (351-354) Major Slaughter says: "I feel it incumbent upon me to notice some special instances of gallantry. I would mention the names of Captain Burch, First Lieutenant Mitchell, Second Lieutenants Lambert, Oliver, Crockett and Bickerstaff; among the non-commissioned officers and privates, Sergeant Carlton, Company A, who was killed; Color-Corporal Ferguson, Company C; Color-Corporal Wellington, Company D, who was wounded while bearing the colors; Privates Adams, Company B, wounded; Riddle, Company B; Bone, Company F;