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No. 98—(1064) Consolidated with Twenty-fourth and Twenty-eighth, under Col. John C. Carter, about April 9, 1865.


The Thirty-fifth regiment was organized at La Grange in April, 1862; ordered to Corinth, it was brigaded under General Breckinridge, and went to Louisiana under his command. It took part in the engagement at Baton Rouge, August 5th, where the regiment lost heavily and displayed the superb character of its officers and men. At Port Hudson it was highly complimented by General Breckinridge. At Corinth, October 3d, its losses again were heavy and General Van Dorn praised its work. It fought in Loring's division at Baker's Creek, and, after the siege of Jackson, was ordered to Tennessee, but was sent back to Mississippi early in 1864. It took part in the fighting in Georgia and the battles around Atlanta. Under Hood at Decatur it lost heavily, and at Franklin, November 30th, lost a large proportion of its force. At Nashville, December 15th and 16th, its loss was comparatively small. It went into the Carolinas and was surrendered with the remnants of the Twenty-seventh and Forty-ninth, with which it had been consolidated the previous summer, under its gallant commander, Col. A.E. Ashford. Capt. Thaddeus Felton was killed at Corinth; Capt. Samuel D. Stewart killed and Capt. J. B. Patten wounded at Franklin. Capt. John Hanna died in the service.

The field officers were Col. James W. Robertson; Edwin Goodwin, who died in the service; Samuel S. Ives, wounded at Franklin, and A. E. Ashford. Majs. William Hunt and John S. Dickson, killed at Franklin.


Vol. XV—(18) Gen. Earl Van Dorn, in report of the defense of Vicksburg and other operations, June 27 to September 9, 1862, gives the Thirty-fifth, Colonel Robert-