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enemy, that I hesitated for an instant to order them immediately forward. . . . However, I rushed forward, shouting to them to advance. It was with the greatest difficulty that I could make myself heard or understood above the din of battle. The order was, however, extended along the line, and was promptly obeyed. The men sprang forward, over the rocks, swept the position and took possession of the heights, capturing 40 or 50 prisoners around the battery and among the cliffs. . . The conflict continued to rage with great fury until dark. Again and again the enemy with great force attempted to dislodge us from our position and retake the battery, in each case with signal failure and great loss. Lieut.-Col. John A. Jones, Maj. Geo. W. Cary and Lieut. W. P. Becker, acting adjutant, behaved with great coolness and courage. I abstain from mentioning by name others who deserve special commendation, because the list would be so long as to confer little distinction on any single individual, and because injustice might be done to others whose good conduct escaped my observation. The regiment lost 24 killed and 66 wounded."

No. 54—(223) Law's brigade, Hood's division, Longstreet's corps, at Chickamauga and Chattanooga. (227) General Law's report of operations of his brigade from October 8th to 28th, on duty beyond Lookout mountain. (229-231) Mentioned in Colonel Sheffield's report, engagement near Lookout creek, on night of October 28th.

No. 58—(641) Assignment as above, January 31, 1864; Col. Perry commanding brigade.

No. 59—(722) Law's brigade, Buckner's division, department of East Tennessee, March 31, 1864. (803) Brigade ordered to Charlotteville, Va., April 22d.

No. 67—(1022) Law's brigade, Field's division, Longstreet's corps, Lee's army, May, 1864. (1060) Casualties, 27 killed and 112 wounded in battle of the Wilderness, May 4th to 6th.

No. 80—(763) Return of casualties, June 13th to July 31, 1864, 5 killed and 15 wounded during siege of Petersurg.

No. 87—(877) Casualties, August 1st to December 31st, 12 killed and 29 wounded.

No. 88—(159) Law's brigade, Colonel Perry commanding. Mentioned as being on the north side of the James river, August, 1864.