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No. 56—(804) Assignment as above, December, 1863; Captain Brewer commanding regiment.

No. 57—(482) General Pettus reports 5 wounded at Dalton, Ga., February 25, 1864.

No. 58—(587) January 20, 1864, Capt. James R. Cross commanding.

No. 59—(869) Assignment as above, April 30, 1864; Capt. James R. Cross commanding.

No. 74—Assignment as above, April to August, 1864.

No. 78—(853) Assignment as above, September 20, 1864; Capt. James W. Powell commanding.

No. 93—Assignment as above, in Nashville campaign.

No. 94—(799) Pettus' brigade, January 19, 1865. Total present, 174.

No. 98—(1088) General Hill's report, operations May 7th to 21st, says: "Skirmish line placed under charge of Captain Brewer, corps officer of the day."

No. 100—(733) Assignment as in November, March 31, 1865; Capt. George E. Brewer commanding regiment; Col. Jos. B. Bibb commanding brigade, General Pettus' division.


The Forty-seventh regiment was organized at Loachapoka, May 22, 1862. Later, in June, the regiment arrived in Virginia and was brigaded, under General Taliaferro, with the Forty-eighth Alabama and several Virginia regiments. It was in Stonewall Jackson's "own division." The regiment received its "baptism of fire" at Cedar Run, August 9th, where Captain Menefee was killed, and nearly one-half of the effective force of the regiment wounded more or less severely, 12 being killed outright. At Second Bull Run, August 30th, the regiment again suffered severely. It fought at Chantilly, September 1st; at Harper’s Ferry, September 12th to 15th, and at the battle of Sharpsburg it did not lose its record for hard fighting and heavy loss. It was at Fredericksburg, December 13th, and wintered on the Rappahannock. In January, 1863, the Forty-seventh and Forty-eighth were transferred to Law's brigade, Hood's division, Long-