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it was transferred to North Carolina. Its last engagement was at Bentonville, March 20th to 21st, and here, though there were but a few over 300 men, the regiment captured 200 and more of the enemy. It was consolidated with the Twenty-fifth, Thirty-ninth and Fiftieth Alabama regiments, under Col. Harry T. Toulmin, only a short time before the surrender at Smithfield. Adjt. Horace M. Smith died in service.

Its field officers were Cols. Alpheus Baker, who was promoted to brigadier, and, after the war, became distinguished as a lawyer, and John A. Minter; and Lieut. Col. Thaddeus H. Shackelford.


Fifty-fourth regiment Alabama infantry, formerly Fourth Confederate infantry, when first organized was called Fiftieth, but changed afterward to Fifty-fourth, formed from six companies, First Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee infantry, and four companies, L. M. Walker's Fortieth Tennessee infantry. No. 36—(553) Gen. L. Tilghman, Canton, Tenn., April 24, 1863, reports that he has started regiment and section of artillery to Carthage.

No. 37–(82) General Buford's report of operations at Edwards' Depot, Miss., May 16, 1863. (328) General Pemberton's army at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863, includes a detachment under Lieut. Joel P. Abney.

No. 38–(613) In Tilghman's brigade, January 31, 1863, department of Mississippi, General Pemberton. (705) Tilghman's brigade, Loring's command, April, 1863. (746) Assigned to Buford's brigade, April 15th. (783) General Pemberton orders General Tilghman, at Canton, to call in regiment.

No. 53–(515) Buford's brigade, Loring's division, August 20, 1863, department of Mississippi, General Johnston.

No. 57—(333) Assignment as above, February 20, 1864; General Polk in command of army.

No. 58—(816) Temporarily detached from Buford's brigade, February 29, 1864, and ordered by General Polk to proceed to Selma to report to General Withers.