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tioned by General Gibson as one of the brigade commanders present at a council of war at Spanish Fort. His place at the head of the regiment was filled by Lieut.-Col. John W. Inzer, and for a short time, in the spring of 1865, by Major Kimbell. There were many casualties among the officers of this regiment. At Chickamauga, Capt. John Clow and Lieutenant Rader were killed, and Lieutenant-Colonel Inzer, Major Thornton, Adjutant Harris, Captains Crenshaw, Harrell, Avirett and Holland were wounded. Major Thornton was also wounded at Resaca and Atlanta; here Adjutant Hungerford and Captain Avirett were killed. Capt. Sidney F. Lister was killed at Missionary Ridge, and Capt. Sid Holland at Spanish Fort. Capts. W. E. Lee and George S. Markham were captured at Missionary Ridge.


Ninth Battalion Alabama Infantry: Vol. X, Part 1—(383) April 6 and 7, 1862, at Shiloh. (394) Ordered to Corinth, April 3d.

Vol. XV—(1068) April, 1863, Col. Bushrod Jones; in Slaughter's brigade, department of the Gulf.

Vol. XXIII, Part 1—(611) June 24, 1863, at Garrison's Fork, mentioned by General Bate. (613, 614) Commended by General Bate, Middle Tennessee campaign, June 24 and 25, 1863, 5 wounded at Hoover's Gap.

Vol. XXIII, Part 2—(943, 959) Bate's brigade, Bragg's army, summer, 1863.

No. 42—(130) April, 1863, detached from Mobile and sent to General Bragg.

Captain Avirett's Company of Fifty-eighth Regiment: No. 42—(154) Mentioned in report of skirmish at Sandy Ridge, N. C., February 13, 1863. (508) Captain Avirett's company reported as 90 strong, holding pits on the Neuse, January 8, 1863.

No. 74—(841) Col. Bushrod Jones, in his report of operations, May 5th to 27th, Atlanta campaign, says: "May 13th Captain Avirett's company was detached as skirmishers under Maj. Harry Thornton."(844) Lieutenant Curry and Captain Avirett were wounded May