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haved with great coolness and gallantry." Commends Captain Lee, Lieut. J. F. McClellan, Lieutenant Goodwyn, Lieutenant Vandergrift and Lieutenant Hinton, who led their regiments bravely at all times and in the hottest fire. "Late in the evening the remnant of the regiment united in making a last charge . . . capturing a large number of prisoners. Regiment was saluted on the field by General Bate." (397) Mentioned in Lieutenant-Colonel Frayser's report. (402) General Clayton, speaking of pursuit of the enemy, says: "I take pleasure in mentioning that Captains Crenshaw and Lee, with their companies from the Fifty-eighth Alabama regiment of Bate's brigade, accompanied mine beyond the road. They are gallant officers." He speaks also of the excellent order in which the Fifty-eighth Alabama moved. (534) Roll of honor, battle of Chickamauga: Sergt. Joel B. Freeman (color-bearer), Company A; Sergt. S. C. Johnston, Company A; Private J. N. Ward, Company B; Sergt. J. L. Huddleston, Company C; Private J. H. Burgess (killed), Company D; Private Z. E. Lee, Company E; Private J. V. McGinnis, Company F; Private T. J. Mize, Company G; Private S. J. Harrell, Company H; Sergt. W. C. McClellen, Company I; Corp. J. R. Rogers, Company K.

No. 55–(661) Under Lieut.-Col. John W. Inzer, Clayton's brigade, Bragg's army, Chattanooga-Ringgold campaign. (745) With the Thirty-second Alabama; 8 killed, 34 wounded.

No. 56—(686) November 12, 1863, regiment transferred from Bate's brigade to Clayton's brigade, Stewart's division. (805) December 10th, with the Thirty-second Alabama, under Col. Burt Jones, in Clayton's brigade. (824) December, 14th Thirty-second and Fifty-eighth Alabama regiments, 325 strong, in Breckinridge's corps.

No. 57—(479) February 24 and 25, 1864, 3 killed, 31 wounded at Rocky Face mountain.

No. 73—(22) Mentioned at Resaca, Ga., May 15, 1864, in report of Atlanta campaign, by General Slocum (Union).

No. 74—(641, et seq.) Assignment as above, Atlanta campaign. July 10, 1864, in Holtzclaw's brigade, Clayton's division. (832-834) Commended by General Clayton in his report of operations, May 7th to 27th. Losses, 15 killed and 54 wounded, in Thirty-second and Fifty-