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No. 42—(556) General Clanton says that at Chickamauga, the colors of the Second battalion were pierced by eighty-two balls, and President Davis promoted Lieutenant-Colonel Hall to colonel, and the color-bearer to a lieutenancy. Says the Legion is in Gracie's brigade, May, 1864.

No. 51—(16) September 19 and 20, 1863, in Gracie's brigade, Bragg's army. (416) Gen. William Preston in his report of Chickamauga says: "The brigade advanced with splendid courage, but was met by a destructive fire of the enemy from the cover of their field-works on the hill. The Second Alabama battalion stormed the hill and entered the intrenchments. Here an obstinate and bloody combat ensued. Lieutenant-Colonel Hall was severely wounded while gallantly leading his command in the assault on the hill. The Second battalion, out of 239, lost 169 killed and wounded. In the action its colors were pierced in 83 places, and were afterward, by request, presented to his Excellency, the President, who promoted the brave standard-bearer, Robert Y. Hiett, for conspicuous courage. George W. Norris, of Captain Wise's company, of Hall's battalion, fell at the foot of the enemy's flagstaff and was buried where he so nobly died." Lieutenant-Colonel Holt, of the First battalion, was severely wounded. (418) General Preston commends the gallantry of Lieutenant-Colonel Sanford, Major McLennan, Captain Walden and Surgeon Luckie. (421, 422) General Gracie's report: "The First battalion, Alabama Legion, sustained the heaviest loss. Of 239 carried into action, 169 were killed and wounded. Among the latter was Lieutenant-Colonel Holt, seriously, in the knee. Among the killed, Lieut. R. H. Bibb.. . . It was the Second battalion that first gained the hill and placed its colors on the enemy's works. Its colors bear marks of over eighty bullets. Its bearer, Robert Y. Hiett, though thrice wounded and the staff thrice shot away, carried his charge throughout the entire fight. He deserves not only mention, but promotion. Lieutenant-Colonel Hall behaved most gallantly, receiving a severe wound in the thigh. Capt. W. D. Walden, Company B, was wounded in the breast, arm and shoulder, inside the enemy's works. His case deserves special mention. Lieut.-Col. J. W. A. Sanford, commanding the Third battalion, Alabama Legion, nobly did his duty,