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of Company D; Sergeant Harris and Privates Harris, Lewis, Skinner and Williams of Company E; Privates Simmons, Patrick and Jackson of Company F. (427, 428) Major McLennan of Fourth battalion commends conduct of Privates McCain, Holly, King, Head, of Company A; Corporal French and Privates Anderson, Flournoy, Smith, of Company B; Sergeant Mahone, Sergeant Daniels and Privates Daniel, Hill, Rutledge, Bennett, of Company D; Sergeant Stuckey, Corporal Martin, Corporal Cumbie and Privates Phillips and Lancey, of Company E, for conspicuous gallantry on the field. Roll of honor, Chickamauga, First battalion: Adjt. John Massey, Private John H. Conner,[1] Company A; Private J. E. Wright, Company B; Private James M. Gibson, Company C; Private B. A. Davis,[1] Company D; Sergt. J. L. Cox,[1] Company E; Private A. J. Daw,[1] Company F. Second battalion: Capt. W. D. Walden, Company B; Private John H. Randall, Company A; First Sergt. Socrates Spigener, Company B; Private Benj. F. Temple,[1] Company C; Private William P. Jones, Company D; Private George W. Norris,[1] Company E; Corp. Jos. V. Castlebury,[1] Company F. Third battalion: Capt. John McCreless, Company E; Private Micajah Kirkland,[1] Company A; Private John Blankenship, Company C; Private Henry R. Lewis, Company C. Fourth battalion: Private Jackson Lee,[1] Company A; Corp. James E. French, Company B; Private B. F. Martin,[1] Company D; Private R. S. Turlington,[1] Company E.

No. 54—(452) November 30, 1863, Gracie's brigade, Gen. B. R. Johnson's forces. First battalion, Maj. D. S. Troy; Second, Capt. John H. Dillard; Third, Lieut.-Col. J. W. A. Sanford; Fourth, Maj. John D. McLennan.

No. 55—(659) In Gracie's brigade, Buckner's division; detached November 22d, for operations against Burnside in east Tennessee.

No. 56—(891) December 31, 1863, Gracie's brigade, Longstreet's corps. Parts of First and Third (Sixtieth Alabama), under Colonel Sanford; Second and Fourth (Fifty-ninth Alabama), under Colonel Hall.

No. 78—(589) May, 1864, General Clanton speaks of Legion as in Gracie's brigade. Same mention as above, No. 42, p. 556.

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