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Gardner at Mobile, with 180 officers and men, August 25, 1864. (814) September, 1864, in Thomas' brigade, Mobile.

Moreland Sharpshooters: No. 59—(872) April 30, 1864, in Cantey's brigade, Johnston's army, encamped at Rome, Ga. No. 74—(644) April 30, 1864, in Cantey's brigade, Johnston's army, encamped at Rome, Ga.

Tuscaloosa Cadets. No. 42—(556) May 9, 1864, mentioned by General Clanton as not liable to conscription when organized. No. 76—(954) August 10th, ordered to report to General Maury at Pollard, Ala. No. 78—(589) May 9th, mentioned by General Clanton. (734) July 29th, commended by Governor Watts, Montgomery, as well-drilled boys, under Col. L. C. Garland, 220 or 230 strong, ordered to Blue mountain. (746) August 1st, ordered to report to Col. Henry Maury at Pollard. No. 101—(617, 681) Two hundred strong (all boys, about 16 years old), at Mobile, January 23, 1865. No. 103—(353) April 4, 1865, at Tuscaloosa, Croxton's raid. No. 104—(1177, 1178) March 30, 1865, commended by Colonel Garland, who protests against impressment of horses belonging to the corps. (1182) March 31st, at Tuscaloosa, Ala., mentioned by Gen. W. H. Jackson, in letter to Colonel Garland.

Captain Chisholm's company of State Guards: No. 47—(273) August 4, 1863, Captain Chisholm's company ordered by the governor to make arrests on the border of Florida.

Eufaula Minute Men, Capt. John Hardy: No. 47—(248) July 30, 1863, in Cobb's brigade, district of Middle Florida. (328) August 31, 1863, in Cobb's brigade, district of Middle Florida.

Pelham Cadets: No. 597—(861) Pelham Cadets, Capt. Price Williams, Jr., district of the Gulf, April 30, 1864. No. 77—(428) August 12, 1864, in garrison at Fort Gaines were 40 Pelham Cadets. No. 79—(676) November 1st, under Lieut. H. E. Witherspoon, Taylor's command. No. 86—(911) December 22, 1864, defenses of Mobile. No. 93—(1233) November 20, 1864, Taylor's command, Mobile. No. 94—(633) Same assignment, December 1, 1864. No. 96—(475) February 6, 1865, Pelham Cadets ordered out to disperse mob at Macon, report of General Grant. No. 101—(617) January 23d, 150 strong at Mobile. No. 103—(1046) March 10th, in Taylor's command, Mobile. No. 104–(226) In Maury's command,