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fantry. The fire from the regiment and a countercharge by the Georgians soon drove the enemy into and through the woods, with heavy loss in killed and wounded." (778) Mentioned by Lieutenant-Colonel Roger (Union), as near Summerville, October 28th.

No. 56–(51) Mentioned as being in Lookout valley, November, 1863. (94) Mentioned as at Round Mountain. (619) October 31st, First brigade, Martin's division, Wheeler's corps. (623) Special orders, Missionary Ridge, November 1st, to report to Gen. Will T. Martin. (891) December 31, 1863, Russell's brigade, Morgan's division, Wheeler's cavalry corps.

No. 73—(819, 822) Mentioned by Colonel Minty (Union), near Marietta, Ga., June 12, 1864, skirmish at McAfee's. At Noonday Creek, June 21st, regiment suffered severely.

No. 74—(642) April 30, 1864, Morgan's brigade, Martin's division, Wheeler's corps. (650, et seq.) June 30th, under Capt. George Mason, Allen's brigade, Wheeler's corps, Atlanta campaign.

No. 79— (509) Capt. A. A. Smith (Union) reports attack on regiment, Clarksville, October 29, 1864.

No. 99—(352) Mentioned by General Kilpatrick, Williston, S. C., February 8, 1865, on road to Augusta. (1071) January 31st, under Capt. S. P. Dobbs, Hagan's brigade, Wheeler's cavalry.


The Tenth regiment of cavalry was organized in north Alabama in the winter of 1863-64, to form part of Roddey's command. It took part in the Pulaski raid and in numerous encounters, but its work was principally confined to outpost duty in the Tennessee valley. It was commanded by Col. Richard O. Pickett.


No. 59—(93) Tenth regiment Alabama cavalry stationed at Mount Hope, Ala., March 19, 1864.

No. 78—(392) Pickett's regiment near Courtland, Ala., September 16th, General Granger's (Union) letter. (668) Mentioned by Col. Josiah Patterson, June 27th.

No. 93—(1233) In Roddey's brigade, district of North