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Brewer's Battalion, Alabama cavalry: Vol. VII—(854) At Paris, Tenn., January, 1862, in Stewart's brigade, Polk's army. (909) Mentioned by Gen. Daniel Ruggles, February 26th, Florence, Ala.

Vol. X, Part 1—(417) Mentioned in report of Colonel Russell, Shiloh, April 6 and 7, 1862. (461-463) Colonel Brewer in his reports of the battle of Shiloh says, command 200 strong; 2 killed and 10 wounded. He mentions Major Baskerville, to whom he is much indebted for coolness, etc, Acted as rear-guard to Polk's corps. (529) Mentioned in report of Captain Jenkins.

Vol. X, Part 2—(306) Unattached, General Polk's army, March 9, 1862. (375) Mentioned by Col. Preston Smith, March 31st, in skirmish near Adamsville. (382) Mentioned in General Hardee's division, April 1st, at Purdy. (385) Mentioned April 2d, scouting near Purdy. (415) Placed in position at Bethel, April 12th. (419) Mentioned in special orders, No. 12, April 14th. (435) General Maxey says: "Colonel Brewer's cavalry is destroying bridges at Purdy," April 23d. (456) Mentioned by General Maxey, Bethel, April 27th. (458) Ordered to protect the Mobile & Ohio railroad, by command of General Beauregard, April 28th. (459) Three hundred and forty-two present for duty, April 28th, General Beall's cavalry brigade. (493) Mentioned by Colonel Lindsay, Camp Foote, near Purdy, May sth. (516) Mentioned by Adjutant-General Jordan, Corinth, May 12th. (519) Guarding the crossing, Memphis & Charleston railroad, May 13th. (582) Captain Falkner's company placed at intersection of roads from Iuka to Jacinto, June 4, 1862.

Vol. XVII, Part 2—(63) Attacked Colonel Sheridan, July 1, 1862; Asboth. (66) Mentioned by Colonel Sheridan, 200 strong, July 2d. (606) Tupelo, June 17th: "The general commanding takes pleasure in calling the attention of the armies of this department to the gallant conduct of Capt. B. B. McCaa and his command, of Brewer's cavalry regiment, on the morning of the 14th inst., when, by a bold and dashing charge, he put to flight a superior force of the enemy's cavalry. In this affair Private John Graham was especially distinguished, and will be rewarded with a badge of honor on some suitable occasion. This success should teach our cavalry forces what they can accomplish by bravery and daring, and should incite