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near Readyville, September, 1864, says Major Wright's cavalry were on picket duty there. No. 78—(856) Assignment as above, September 30th.

No. 92–(961) Mentioned by General Anderson as at Savannah, December 15, 1864.

No. 98—(1065) Hampton's cavalry corps, Johnston's army, April 9, 1865.

No. 99—(1071) Lieutenant-Colonel Prather, Anderson's brigade, Allen's division, Wheeler's cavalry corps, Hardee's army, January 31, 1865. (1283) Mentioned in letter of Col. G. G. Dibrell, on road from White Oak to Rocky mountain, February 26th.

No. 103—(433) Mentioned in Colonel Cooper's (Union) report of skirmish near Montgomery, April 13, 1865. (970) Ordered to Plymouth, February 13th. (993, 994) Attached to General Starke's brigade, February 18th. (1027) Part of regiment attached to Chalmers' brigade, March 3d. (1033) Ordered to report to General Armstrong, March 6th. (1051) A company ordered to Fulton to scout in the direction of Eastport, March 12th.

No. 104—(1122, 1127) Relieved from duty with Armstrong's brigade and ordered to rejoin Anderson's, March 18, 1865.


The Tenth Confederate cavalry was organized at Murfreesboro from the battalion of Col. Charles T. Goode and Lieut.-Col. M. N. Slaughter's Seventeenth Alabama battalion of cavalry of Hilliard's legion, which had passed through the Kentucky campaign. In Pegram's brigade, it fought at Monticello, losing heavily; fought several battles in the Kentucky campaign, losing 160 men, and at Jimtown it lost 50 men. It fought at Chickamauga under General Forrest, and suffered severely. It was largely employed in picket and outpost duty. Brigaded, successively, under Generals Wade, Humes and Robinson, in Kelly's division, it fought with considerable loss at Resaca, New Hope, and all through the many battles of the Dalton-Atlanta campaign. It took part in Wheeler's last raid as far as Saltville; returned to the Carolinas, fought at Bentonville, and surrendered with