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brigade, General Buckner's corps, April, 1863, Perdido river. No. 42—(39, 131, 157) Powell's brigade, Mobile, to August, 1863, Camp Powell.

Cottrill's Scouts. Vol. VI—(499) Very highly commended in Col. W. L. Powell's report, January 20, 1862, of contest for possession of the schooner Andracita, formerly J. W. Wilder, near Fort Morgan.

Crocheron Light Dragoons, Capt. E. M. Holloway. Vol. XXIII, Part 2—(945, 958) Mentioned among escorts, Polk's army corps, Atlanta, July and August, 1863. Nos. 51, 59, 74—Same mention, September, 1863, to June, 1864.

Dorrence Rangers, Capt. John W. Murrell. Vol. XV—(850) Army of Mobile, October 31, 1862. (1069) Cumming's brigade, Buckner's corps, department of the Gulf, April, 1863, near Mobile. No. 42—(39) Department of the Gulf, June 8, 1863, at Pascagoula.

Captain Goldsby's Company Mounted Infantry. No. 65—(442) August 30, 1864, Brigadier-General Asboth, U.S. A., says of skirmish at Milton, Fla.: "Came upon Captain Goldsby with about 100 men." No. 78—(814) In Liddell's brigade, department of the Gulf, September 3, 1864. No. 104—(1261) Mentioned by Col. S. Jones, Demopolis, Ala., April 24, 1865; asks for couriers.

Capt. H. R. Gordon's Company. Vol. XX, Part 2—(432) Polk's corps, army of Tennessee, about November 29, 1862, near Murfreesboro.

Houston's and Hubbard's Companies. Vol. VII—(137-139, 140) At Fort Henry, February 5, 1862, General Tilghman's and Colonel Heiman's reports.

Captain Meador's Company. No. 103—(1045) Mentioned as reporting to General Clanton, March 10, 1865, department of the Gulf.

Mobile City Troop, Capt. E. T. Arrington. Vol. XV—(850) Army of Mobile, October 31, 1862. (1069) In Powell's brigade, April, 1863, Perdido river. No. 42—(39, 131, 157) In Powell's brigade, department of the Gulf, to August, 1863.

Captain White's Company. Vol. XV—(850) At Mobile, 1862.