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with the brigades of Generals Shoup, Higgins and Page, and reached a very high plane of efficiency and discipline. It did gallant service at Forts Gaines, Powell and Morgan. No more heroic defense was ever made than that of this battalion at Fort Morgan. The detachment there engaged, fought until their guns were knocked out of position, losing 150 killed and wounded. The remainder was captured and the men sent to Elmira, N. Y., where one-half of them died of small-pox. The officers were sent to Fort Warren. The remnant of the battalion was transferred to Choctaw Bluff, March, 1865, and surrendered with the army of Mobile. Lieutenant-Colonel Forsyth was the first commander. He resigned, and was succeeded by Lieut.-Col. James T. Gee, who was captured at Fort Morgan. Maj. J. M. Cary and Capts. F. S. Ferguson, Lee Hammond, R. N. Campbell and J. W. Whiting were also captured there. Capts. Wm. B. Hughes and N. J. Smith were wounded and captured at Fort Morgan.


Vol. VI—(819) Army of Mobile, February 1, 1862.

Vol. XVII, Part 2—(659) Forsyth ordered to report at Chattanooga, July 26, 1862.

No. 42—(39) In Slaughter's brigade, Maury's army, June 8, 1863. (131) In Powell's brigade, Maury's army, August 1st. (157) At Fort Morgan and Grant's Pass, August 10th. (275) In Shoup's brigade, September 30th, Maj. J. T. Gee. (402) In Shoup's brigade, November 10th. (511, 562) In Higgins' brigade, December.

No. 56—(630) Ordered to Meridian, November 4, 1863. (729) General Maury asks for battery, November 21st.

No. 58—(582) In Higgins' brigade, January 20, 1864.

No. 59—(861) Under Lieut.-Col. R. C. Forsyth, Page's brigade, April 30, 1864.

No. 77–(428) At Fort Gaines, August 3, 1864.

No. 78—(678, 752) Page's brigade, with General Maury, June to August, 1864.

No. 84—(230) Mentioned by Col. Albert Myer, July, 1864, 400 men at Fort Morgan.

No. 103—(1045) Transferred to Choctaw Bluff, March