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Myrick's battalion, Stevenson's division, April 24th. No. 74—(875) Mentioned in report of General Loring, near New Hope church, May 13, 1864. (994) Mentioned under Lieutenant Jenks, in report of Gen. G. J. Pillow, Oxford, Ala., June 30th. No. 75—(656) Mentioned in Loring's division, about May 1, 1864. No. 78—(791, 811, 887) With General Adams, central Alabama, August and September, 1864. No. 79—(865) With Maj. H. C. Semple, October, 1864. (872) Effective total, 64, at Mobile. (876) In Burnett's command, Maury's army, November 1st. No. 94—(633) With Major Semple, Maury's army, December 1, 1864. No. 101—(681) Mentioned, 70 strong, at Mobile, January 30, 1865. No. 103—(942) Called Jenks' battery, 76 present, with Maj. Henry C. Semple, army of Mobile, March 29, 1865. (1014) Started to Selma, February 25th. No. 104—(226) In Fuller's brigade, Wilcox county, Ala., April, 1865. (364) Jenks' battery, Montgomery, April, 1865.


This battalion served at Mobile in Generals Fuller's and Higgins' brigades during the last few months of the war, and was sometimes called State Reserves. Battery C was commanded by Capt. John B. Todd, afterward by Lieut. R. H. Bush, and Battery D was commanded by Capt. Wm. M. Homer, formerly of Ketchum's battery.


Battery C. No. 59—(861) Fuller's brigade, Maury's army, Mobile, April 30, 1864. No. 78—(632) Fuller's brigade, Gen. Stephen D. Lee's army, June 1st. (678) Higgins' brigade, June 30th. No. 79—(876) Fuller's command, Maury's army, November 1st. No. 93—(1235) In Maury's command, Gen. Richard Taylor's army, November 20th. No. 94—(633) In Fuller's command, Maury's army, December 1st. No. 103—(1047) Called State Reserves, Lieut. R. H. Bush, Maury's army, March 10, 1865. No. 104—(207) Mentioned by Maj. A. M. Jackson, at Mobile, 55 present, April 3, 1865. (226) In Fuller's division, Wilcox county, April 4th.

Battery D. No. 59—(861) Fuller's brigade, Maury's army, Mobile, April 30, 1864. No. 78—(632) Fuller's