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W. J. Reese. The latter was in command during and after the battle of Gettysburg. These officers were all distinguished for their skill and gallantry.


Vol. V—(1029) In Van Dorn's division, army of the Potomac, January 14, 1862.

Vol. XI, Part 1—(943) In battle Seven Pines, May 31, 1862. (961, 966) Mentioned by General Garland, who says, Bondurant delivered a telling fire with his six pieces. (967) One killed and two wounded at Seven Pines.

Vol. XI, Part 2 (485) In Hill's division, in Seven Days' fight about Richmond. (511) Mentioned by Captain Webb as in Garland's brigade. (623) Gen. D. H. Hill reports that Bondurant's battery drove Yankee artillery off the field, June 26, 1862. (624) Mentioned by Gen. D. H. Hill, June 27th. (626) General Hill says battery engaged at Mechanicsville and Cold Harbor; at the latter place had 3 killed and 10 wounded. (640, 645) Commended by General Garland at Gaines' Mill, June 27th, where they lost 3 killed and 14 wounded. (652) Maj. H. P. Jones says battery was actively engaged with battery of enemy, June 27th.

Vol. XI, Part 3—(482, 532) In Early's brigade, April 30, 1862, 80 present. (615) Called Hardaway's, army before Richmond; 110 present, June 23d. (650) In D. H. Hill's division, July 23d. (690) Mentioned by Pierson, chief of artillery.

Vol. XIX, Part 1—(809) In D. H. Hill's division, November 8, 1862. (836) Two 3-inch and two 12-pound howitzers. (1020-1024) Mentioned, Hill's report of Maryland campaign, September 14 to 17, 1862. (1040) Mentioned by Col. D. K. McRae, South Mountain.

Vol. XIX, Part 2—(652) General Pendleton's report, October 2, 1862, Captain Bondurant (Jeff Davis artillery), an admirable battery that has rendered eminent service, but he is its life; is now absent—sick.

Vol. XXI—(541, 1073) In D. H. Hill's division. (561) One killed and 3 wounded, battle of Fredericksburg.

No. 39—-(1000) Mentioned by Col. T. M. Carter, May 2 and 3, 1864. (1044) Mentioned by Col. H. P. Jones, Orange Court House.

No. 40—(619) Proposed for army of Northern Virginia,