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Hardaway shelled the gunboats. (1077) Mentioned by Gen. W. H. Taylor, December 24th.

No. 39—(793) In General Lee's army, May, 1863, as Hurt's battery. (879, 882) Mentioned by Maj. R. A. Hardaway, near Hamilton's Crossing, May 3d to 5th. (939) Mentioned by Gen. R. E. Rodes.

No. 40—(619, 626, 637, 656) Assignments in army of Northern Virginia. (729) In McIntosh's battalion, April 16, 1863.

No. 44—(290, 345) At Gettysburg, July 1st to 3d, in reserve artillery. (353) Mentioned in W. N. Pendleton's report. (674, 676) Mentioned in Maj. D. G. McIntosh's report.

No. 48—(437, 438) Lieutenant Crenshaw commanding; mentioned in D. G. McIntosh's report of engagement at Bristoe Station, October 14, 1863.

No. 60—(1269) Present for duty, 94 men, April 9, 1864, Camp Taylor.

No. 67—(1038) Mentioned in report of General Pendleton. No. 87—(858) Mentioned by same, operations of July 24, 1864.

No. 89—(1355) McIntosh's battalion, January 2, 1865, on or near James river.

No. 95—(1273) Lieut. Geo. A. Ferrell, Lee's army, Appomattox.


Waters' battery was organized in Mobile in 1861, and was there, 129 strong, early in 1862. It was in Corinth in the spring of 1862. In Manigault's brigade, Bragg's army, it went through the Kentucky campaign, and was engaged at Perryville, Munfordville, Murfreesboro, Chickamauga and Missionary Ridge. Here halt its force was captured, and the remnant was distributed in Cobb's Kentucky and Mayberry's Tennessee batteries. Its captain was David D. Waters.


Vol. VI—(868) In Mobile, March, 1862, 129 present.

Vol. X, Part 1—(789) In Manigault's brigade, Tupelo, June 30, 1862.