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silenced the Yankee fire, with heavy loss, and the Yankee rout was complete." (145) Commended by General Cleburne. (154-156-158) Mentioned in report of Gen. P. R. Cleburne, who says Captain Semple rendered invaluable service and exhibited the highest gallantry, running his pieces within 60 yards of the enemy, and was ably sustained by Lieutenant Goldthwaite, of Semple's battery. He also commends Semple's "skill and judgment as acting chief of artillery." (162) Gen. S. A. M. Wood says in his report: "Semple's battery (attached to my brigade) was not under my control during this action. I, however, saw it placed in position by the chief of artillery, and its fire was of the greatest service in routing the enemy and silencing his batteries." Ten wounded. (167-196) Mentioned in reports of Chickamauga, by Col. Sam Adams, Col. E. B. Breedlove, Col. M. P. Lowrey, Lieut. R. W. Goldthwaite, Gen. L. E. Polk, Col. R. Q. Mills, Capt. James P. Douglas. (536) Mentioned on roll of honor, battle of Chickamauga.

No. 55—(661) Commanded by Lieutenant Goldthwaite, November 20, 1863. (746-755) Mentioned in report of Gen. P. R. Cleburne. (757-760) Report of Lieutenant Goldthwaite. (763-765) Mentioned in Col. D. C. Govan's and Col. John E. Murray's reports of battle of Ringgold, November 27th.

No. 56—(807, 885) In Cleburne's division, Hardee's army, December, 1863. (827) One hundred and twenty-one present.

No. 57—(483) Commended in report of T. R. Hotchkiss, near Dalton, February 25, 1864.

No. 58—(588) In Cleburne's division, January 20, 1864. (820) In Hardee's corps, army of Tennessee, February 29th.

No. 59—(687) Present 109, March 29, 1864. (693-695) Two killed at Perryville, 4 at Murfreesboro, 2 at Chickamauga, 1 at Ringgold Gap. (731) Eighty-two present, April 1st. (871) In Hotchkiss' battalion, army of Tennessee, April 30th.

No. 42—(240) Mentioned by General Clanton, July 30, 1863.

No. 74—(643, et seq.) In Hardee's corps, Johnston's army, Atlanta campaign. (744, 745) Mentioned by General Granbury, August 31st and September 1st. (967) Mentioned in report of Capt. Thomas Key, 2 men wounded, July 22d.