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Farmington, Miss., May 9, 10. Gen. Ruggles.—Federal, loss 16 k, 148 w, 14 m.

Alabama troops, 19th, 21st, 22d, 24th, 25th Inf.; Ketchum's Batty.

Rodgersville, Ala., May 13. Col. Adams.—Federal, Col. Starkweather, 1,000.

Alabama troops, Adams' Cav.

Bridge Creek, Miss., May 28. Col. Jos. Wheeler, 1,000; loss 8 k, 28 w, 7 m.—Federal, Gen. Stanley; loss 12 k, 70 w.

Alabama troops, 25th, 19th, 26th, 1st Cav.; Robertson's.

Tishimingo Cr., Miss., May 30. Col. Jos. Wheeler, 1,100; loss 1 w.—Federal, Gen. Granger, 5,000; loss 2 k, 10 w.

Alabama troops, 19th, 22d Inf.; Dent's Batty.

Blackland, Miss., June 4.

Alabama troops, 24th Inf.

Secessionville, S. C., June 16. Gen. N. G. Evans; loss 52 k, 144 w, 8 m.–Federal, Gen. Stevens, 6,600; loss 107 k, 487 w, 89 m.

Battle Creek, Tenn., June 21. Gen. Leadbetter.—Federal, Gen. Mitchell; loss 4 k, 3 w.

Alabama troops, 46th Inf.; 3d Conf. Cav.

Murfreesboro, Tenn., July 13. Gen. Forrest, 2,000—Federal, Gen. T. T. Crittendon, 1 brigade; total loss, 1 brigade.

Alabama troops, Forrest's Cav.; 1st, 51st Cav.; 3d Conf. Cav.

Middleburg, Bolivar Road, Forked Deer, and Jackson Road, Tenn., July. Jos. Wheeler; total loss 32.—Federal, total loss 120.

Alabama troops, 8th Conf. Cav.

Baton Rouge, La., Aug. 5. Gen. J. C. Breckinridge, 2,600; loss 84 k, 315 w, 57 m.—Federal, Gen. Thos. Williams, 2,500; loss 84 k, 266 w, 33 m.

Alabama troops, 31st, 35th Inf.; 4th and Snodgrass' Battns.

Near New Market, Ala., Aug. 5.—Federal, Gen. R. L. McCook; loss 2 k, 1 w, 60 m.

Alabama troops, Gurley's and Hambrick's Cos., Rangers.

Tazewell, Tenn., Aug. 6. Gen. C. L. Stevenson; loss 9 k, 40 w.—Federal, loss 3 k, 23 w, 50 m.

Alabama troops, 30th, 31st, 46th Inf.; Eufaula Batty.

Bridgeport, Ala., Aug. 27. Gen. S. B. Maxey.

Alabama troops, 32d Inf.

Altamont, Tenn., Aug. 30. Gen. Jos. Wheeler, 1 brigade; total loss 3.—Federal, Gen. McCook; total loss 35.

Alabama troops, parts of 1st, 3d Cav.

Stevenson, Ala., Aug. 31. Gen. S. B. Maxey.

Alabama troops, 32d Inf.

Gallatin Road, Tenn., Sept. 6. Gen. Jos. Wheeler, 1 brigade.—Federal, Gen. McCook; total loss 20.

Alabama troops, parts of 1st, 3d Cav.

Kentucky Line, Tenn., Sept. 8. Gen. Jos. Wheeler, 1 brigade.–Federal, Gen. McCook; total loss 40.

Alabama troops, parts of 1st, 3d Cav.