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Buckhead Rd., Ga., Aug. 3. Gen. Jos. Wheeler; total loss 9.—Fed- eral, total loss 55. Alabama troops, Wheeler's Cav.

Decatur Rd., Ga., Aug. 4. Gen. Jos. Wheeler; total loss 10.—Fed- eral, total loas 70. Alabama troops, Wheeler’s Cav. Mill Rd., Ga., Aug. 5. Gen. Jos. Wheeler; total loss 13.—Federal, total loss 80. Alabama troops, Wheeler's Cav.

Mobile Bay, Aug. 5. Adml. Buchanan and Gen. R. L. Page, 3 ships and 1,500; loss 12k, 20 w, *280 m.—Federal, Adml. Farragut and Gen. Granger, 14 ships and 1 army corps; loss 200 k, 170 w, 4 m.

Alabama Sforces, ram Tennessee; gunboats Morgan, Gaines, Selma; rst Battn. of Art; Capt. Cothran’s Co., arst fat.

Fort Gaines, Aug. 8. Col. Anderson, 600; loss *——- m.—Federal, Adm). Farragut.

Alabama troops, part of 21st Inf.; 1st Battn. Art.; Pelham's cadets and reserves.

Wheeler’s raid in Sherman’s rear through Ga., Tenn., N. Ala, Aug. 10 to Sept. 9. Gen. Jos. Wheeler; total loss 125.—Federal, Gens. Rousseau and Kilpatrick; total loss rgoo.

Alabama troops in different engagements, parts of rst, 3d, 8tb, toth Conf.; rst, 3d, 4th, 7th, 51st, 53d Cav.; 2gth Battn. Cav.

Ten Islands, Ga., Aug. 14. Gen. Clanton.—Federal, Gen. Rousseau.

Alabama troops, 6th, 8th Cav.

Fort Mo , Aug. 23. Gen. R. L. Page, 400; loss* : k, 2 w, 396 m.—Federal, Adml. Farragut and . Granger, 14 ships and 5,500; loss 7 w.

Alabama troops, parts of 21st Inf., and rst Art.

Jonesboro, Ga., Aug. 31 and Sept. 1. Gen. S. D. Lee; total loss a000.—Federal, loss 1149 w.

Alabama troops, Lee’s corps and Hardee's corps.

Athens, Ala., Sept. 23. Gen. Forrest, 4.500; loss 5 k, 26 w.—Fed- eral, Col. Campbell; loss 1400 m, total loss rgoo.

Alabama troops, qth, sth, 11th, §3d Cav. Sulphur Branch Trestle, Sept. 25. Gen. Forrest.—Federal, loss 200 k, 30 w, 820 m. Alabama troops, t1th Cav., Forrest’s Cav. Pulaski, Tenn., Sept. 27. Gen. Forrest; total loss 25. Alabama troops, r1th Cav., Forrest's Cav. Blockhouse, Tenn., Oct. 1. Gen. Forrest.—Federal, total loss 65. Alabama troops, 11th Cav., Forrest’s Cav.

Sweetwater, Ga., Oct. 1 to3. Gen. Jos. Wheeler.—Federal, Gen. Kilpatrick.

Alabama troops, parts of rst, 3d, 7th, sist Cav.

Near Dalton, Ga., Oct. 2. Gen. Jos. Wheeler; total loss 2.—Fed- eral, total loss 35.

Alabama troops, parts of 1st, 3d, 7th, 5zst Cav.


Prisoners at Forte Gaines, Powell and Morgan, estimated, 1464