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Alabama troops, Thomas' boy reserves, 6th Cav., Tarrant's Batty., 15th Conf. Cav.

Montgomery, Ala., April 12-13. Loss 50 m.—Federal, Gen. Wilson.

Alabama troops, several companies of militia.

Near Raleigh, Hillsboro Rd., Morrisville, Chapel Hill Rd., Creek near Chapel Hill, N. C., April 12 to 15. Gen. Jos. Wheeler; total loss 68.—Federal, total loss 290.

Alabama troops, parts of 1st, 3d, 51st Cav., 3d, 10th Conf. Cav.

Fort Tyler, Ala., April 16. Gen. R. C. Tyler, 265; loss 19 k, 28 w, 218 m.—Federal, Gen. Wilson; loss 7 k, 29 w.

Alabama troops, boys and convalescents.

Columbus, Ga., April 16. 3,000; loss 1200 m.—Federal, Gen. Wilson; loss 6 k, 24 w.

Macon, Ga., April 90. Loss 2193 surrendered.

Mumford's Sta., Ala., April 23. Loss 150 surrendered.

Greensboro, N. C., April 26. Gen. Johnston; loss 29,924 surrendered.

Confederate troops, army of Tennessee.

Meridian, Miss., May 4. Gen. Taylor; loss 10,000 surrendered.

Confederate troops, army of Mobile.

Irwinsville, Ga., May 10. President Davis and escort; total loss 21.—Federal, Col. Pritchard; loss 2 k, 4 w.