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boro pike on the 15th, and on the Granny White pike on the 16th. Early in 1865 he was on duty with a fraction of his command at Augusta, Ga., and in April Beauregard reported him at Danville. On April 9th the decimated Alabama regiments of Scott's, Quarles' and Lowrey's brigades were united under his command. These were the consolidated Sixteenth, Thirty-third and Forty-fifth regiments, Colonel Abercrombie; Seventeenth, Colonel Holcombe and consolidated Twenty-seventh, Thirty-fifth, Forty-ninth, Fifty-fifth and Fifty-seventh, Colonel McAlexander. The surrender occurred shortly afterward, and he returned to Alabama. In June, 1865, he married Kathleen McConnell, daughter of Felix Grundy McConnell, an Alabama congressman. On June 24th of that year he started for South America, but being taken sick in Louisiana he remained there a year, and, returning to Alabama, resumed his business as contractor and builder. He began to take an active part in politics, and in 1874 was appointed sheriff of Dallas county. He held this office two years and was then elected to Congress from the Selma district, and served with distinction for four consecutive terms. Refusing another nomination for Congress, he was appointed, by Mr. Cleveland, fourth auditor of the Treasury, which office he held for four years. Returning from Washington, he settled in Birmingham, Ala., where he still resides. One of his most important services for the Democratic party, in which he is prominent, was performed in the exacting campaign of 1892, when he served as chairman of the campaign committee. In recent years he was a member of the law firm of Shelley, Butler & Martin, Washington, D. C., his associates being Gen. M. C. Butler and J. H. G. Martin.

Brigadier-General Edward Dorr Tracy was a son of Georgia and an adopted son of Alabama. He was born in Macon, Georgia's beautiful "Central City," in the