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On May 21, 1861, the following companies were ordered to proceed forthwith to Corinth and report to Maj.-Gen. Charles Clark, commanding:

  • Choctaw Guards, Capt. J. W. Hemphill.
  • Long Creek Rifles, Capt. L. S. Terry.
  • Shubuta Rifles, Capt. R. J. Lawrence.
  • Cherry Creek Rifles, Capt. John B. Herring.
  • McClung Rifles, Capt. Edgar Sykes.
  • Confederate Rifles, Capt. Jos. M. Jayne.
  • Winona Stars, Capt. Thomas Booth.
  • Magnolia Guards, Capt. John M. Lyles.
  • Water Valley Rifle Guards, Capt. B. H. Collins.
  • Burnsville Blues, Capt. J. C. Walters.
  • Grenada Rifles, Capt. W. S. Statham.
  • Gainesville Volunteers, Capt. J. B. Deason.
  • Summit Rifles, Capt. J. D. Blincoe.
  • Vicksburg Southrons, Capt. D. N. Moody.
  • Enterprise Guards, Capt. R. Stuart Wier.
  • Columbus Riflemen, Capt. Wm. E. Baldwin.
  • Wigfall Rifles, Capt. W. F. Brantley.
  • Beauregard Rifles, Capt. John W. Balfour.
  • Madison Guards, Capt. Thomas M. Griffin.
  • Oktibbeha Rescue, Capt. A. J. Maxwell.
  • Benton Rifles, Capt. W. H. Luse.
  • Confederates, Capt. O. R. Singleton.
  • Confederate Guards, Capt. W. S. Featherston.
  • Westville Guards, Capt. George J. D. Funchess.
  • Yalobusha Rifles, Capt. F. M. Aldridge.
  • Quitman Rifles, Capt. J. W. Wade.
  • Hamer Rifles, Capt. C. F. Hamer.
  • Mississippi Rangers, Capt. John McQuirk.
  • Pettus Rifles, Capt. Marmaduke Bell.
  • Mississippi College Rifles, Capt. John W. Welborn.
  • Crystal Springs Southern Rights, Capt. J. C. Davis.
  • Adams Light Guard, No. 1, Capt. Robert Clarke.
  • Adams Light Guard, No. 2, Capt. S. E. Baker.
  • Quitman Invincibles, Capt. John F. McGowan