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therefore, would have to begin where that of the eight regiments would leave off, otherwise confusion would result. Their organization was as follows:

Ninth regiment, Jas. R. Chalmers, colonel; James L. Autry, lieutenant-colonel; A. R. Bowdrie, major; Eugene Whitfield, adjutant. Company A, Irrepressibles, De Soto county, Capt. J. R. Chalmers, T. W. White. Company B, Home Guards, Marshall county, Capt. T. W. Harris. Company C, Corinth Rifles, Tishomingo county, Capt. W. H. Kirkpatrick. Company D, Jeff Davis Rifles, Marshall county, Capt. Samuel Benton. Company E, Horn Lake Volunteers, De Soto county, Capt. John W. Foster. Company F, Quitman Rifle Guard, Marshall county, Capt. Robert McGowan. Company G, De Soto Guards, De Soto county, Capt. S. O. B. Crockett. Company H, LaFayette Guards, LaFayette county, Capt. Wm. Delay. Company I, Invincibles, Senatobia, Capt. Robert R. Bowdrie. Company K, Panola Guards, Panola county, Capt. B. Moore.

Tenth regiment, S. M. Phillips, colonel; Jos. R. Davis, lieutenant-colonel; E. H. Gregory, major; H. Powell, adjutant. Company A, Mississippi Rifles, Capt. Robert A. Smith. Company B, Ben Bullard Rifles, Itawamba county, Capt. Jas. H. Bullard. Company C, Madison Rifles, Madison county, Capt. Jos. R. Davis. Company D, Lowndes Southrons, Lowndes county, Capt. W. T. Wade. Company E, Bahalah Rifles, Copiah county, Capt. Octavius Gibbs. Company F, Southern Avengers, Columbus, Capt. George H. Lipscomb. Company G, Hill City Cadets, Vicksburg, Capt. Jesse E. White. Company H, Rankin Rifles, Rankin county, Capt. Geo. M. Miller. Company I, Yazoo Rifles, Yazoo county, Capt. S. M. Phillips, H. Powell, H. P. Garrison. Company K, Port Gibson Rifles, Claiborne county, Capt. William McKeever.

The Ninth and Tenth, the Castor and Pollux of the Mississippi regiments of volunteers, rose and fell with