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plume, and history will not forget you." Yet, despite his daring exposure, he was the only field officer of the brigade who was not killed or disabled. The Thirteenth came up under Early in time to participate in the rout of the enemy. The Seventeenth and Eighteenth, which according to the original Confederate plan of battle would have been among the first engaged on the right, lost that privilege through the Federal attack on the left. but nevertheless took part in the advance of Jones' brigade up Rocky Run, driving the enemy from a strong position and encountering a furious fire, under which many fell. Capt. Ed. Fontaine and Company K of the Eighteenth received the especial mention of General Jones for steady fighting. The loss of the Mississippi regiments in this first great battle of the war, in killed and wounded, was as follows: Seventeenth, 11; Eighteenth, 38; Second, 107; Eleventh, 28.

The Mississippi soldiers who fought with such gallantry on this famous field were mostly armed with flint-lock muskets which had been altered into percussion, and were poorly supplied with clothing; they had not the splendid equipment of the troops they met in shock of battle, but they demonstrated no lack of daring and intrepid manhood.

After the battle the Thirteenth, Seventeenth and Eighteenth regiments were brought together in a brigade commanded by N. G. Evans; and the Twelfth regiment, a later arrival, under Col. Richard Griffith, was assigned to Ewell's brigade. The new Seventh brigade, distinctively Mississippian, was distinguished in October, 1861, in the battle of Leesburg, in honor of which General Johnston issued an order of congratulation, declaring that "the skill and courage with which this victory has been achieved entitle Colonel Evans and the Seventh brigade to the thanks of the army."

Associated with the Mississippians in this victory were the Eighth Virginia and Jenifer's cavalry. At the time