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also killed, and Major McDonald, of the Fortieth. Among the wounded were Colonels Moore, of the Forty-third, and McLain, of the Thirty-seventh, Lieutenant-Colonels Terral, of the Seventh battalion, and Campbell, of the Fortieth, and Majors Keirn, of the Thirty-eighth, and Yates, of the Thirty-sixth.

At four o’clock on the morning of the 4th, the Confederate batteries were in position and opened fire upon the town, and an attack was ordered at daylight; but there was a delay until nine o’clock, ascribed to the illness of General Hébert. Price's command swept forward, notwithstanding heavy loss in the face of the fire of the massed batteries of the enemy, took Battery Powell on the left and forced their way into the town. Moore’s brigade, after capturing a battery of light artillery, took possession of the Tishomingo hotel and the buildings about the railroad depot, and a part of his brigade entered the innermost works. Phifer and Cabell penetrated as far, more to the left, driving the enemy from their guns. But the gallant Confederates were immediately met by an overwhelming force and were compelled to fall back.

Hébert’s division, under General Green, was also distinguished, charging in the face of two lines of fortifications, bristling with artillery, making its way with great rapidity over logs, brush and fallen timber, while masked batteries of the enemy opened upon the brave boys at every stage of the advance. The First brigade, under Colonel Gates, drove the enemy from their intrenchments, taking about forty pieces of artillery. The Fourth and Second brigades, on account of obstructions, were not able to reach the intrenchments in a body. Col. W. H. Moore was mortally wounded while leading the Third brigade in a charge in the town, and Col. Robert McLain, commanding the Fourth brigade, was severely wounded. Major Yates, of the Thirty-sixth, was also among the wounded.