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sion, 77 killed, 285 wounded, 208 missing. Total, 505 killed, 2,150 wounded and 2,183 missing. The Federal loss at Corinth alone was 355 killed, 1,841 wounded and 324 missing. At the Hatchie Grant estimated the loss to be 400 or 500.

Rosecrans exuberantly reported that he had defeated an army of 38,000 men with little more than half their numbers; inflicting a loss of 1,423 killed (left upon the field and buried by him), and 5,692 wounded, according to his estimate; and that he had taken 2,268 prisoners, among whom were 137 field officers, captains and subalterns, 14 stand of colors, 2 pieces of artillery, 3,300 stand of small arms, 45,000 rounds of ammunition and a large lot of accouterments.

Van Dorn retreated to Holly Springs but little disturbed by the pursuit of Rosecrans, who, when he had reached Ripley, was ordered back by Grant, who ordered an expedition to cover his return which went seven miles south of Grand Junction and destroyed the railroad bridge at Davis’ Mills.

On October 1st, Lieut.-Gen. John C. Pemberton had been assigned to the command of the department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, and he assumed his duties October 12th, Van Dorn remaining in command of the forces in the field. In the reorganization of the Confederate forces which followed, the Mississippi infantry in the army of the West was concentrated in a brigade of Maury’s division, consisting of the Thirty-fifth, Thirty-sixth, Thirty-seventh, Thirty-eighth, Fortieth, and Forty-third regiments and Seventh battalion.

With the 1st of November General Grant began a movement on Grand Junction with three divisions from Corinth and two from Bolivar. "If found practicable," he telegraphed Halleck, "I will go on to Holly Springs and maybe Grenada, completing railroad and telegraph as I go.” At the same time an expedition was prepared at Memphis to sail down the river against Vicksburg, of