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infirmary corps immediately after the fight. In this day's fight their casualties could not have fallen short of 1,000. Immediately after the battle the fire of their sharpshooters was redoubled. They would not allow my command to care for their wounded." The Federal report of their loss in this bloody affair was 154 killed, 757 wounded, 528 missing; in all, 1,439. Lee’s loss was 36 killed, 78 wounded and three deserted; total, 124.

During the same day an assault was made by A. J. Smith at the sand-bar, where General Barton, who had arrived with his brigade, was posted. The Federals made five efforts throughout the day to take the breastworks by storm—three times gained the crest of the parapet, once made a lodgment and attempted to mine, but on every occasion was repulsed with heavy loss. The ground for 150 yards in front of the breastworks gave frightful evidence of the slaughter which occurred here.

Just after the battle, Maj.-Gen. Carter L. Stevenson arrived and took command of the forces. On the 30th the attack was renewed on Barton, but not with much vigor, and the 31st was given to the burial of their dead by the Federals. Sherman gave up hope of breaking the Confederate line in the place where he was now "bottled," and arranged with Admiral Porter for a night movement by water to Snyder’s Mill, where 10,000 men should be landed while Porter held the batteries down. But the last night of 1862 was too foggy and the first night of 1863 was too bright; and on the next day the whole Federal army was embarked to leave their swampy covert for Milliken’s Bend. As Sherman was embarking Lee and Withers advanced and attacked him, following the Federals up to the Yazoo river. The Second Texas rushed up almost to the boats, delivering their fire with terrible effect on the crowded transports, which moved off most precipitately. This little affair was not reported by Sherman.

In this successful repulse of the second attack on Vicks-