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Col. W. L. Kiern; and the Seventh battalion, Capt. Lucien B. Pardue, not exchanged. The First regiment, Col. John M. Simonton; First light artillery, Capt. James J. Cowan; and the Vaiden artillery, Capt. S. C. Bains, were also attached.

The cavalry corps of Maj.-Gen. Stephen D. Lee was composed of the divisions of Brig.-Gens. W. H. Jackson and James R. Chalmers. Under Jackson were Cosby's brigade, later under Colonel Starke, which included the Fourth Mississippi, Maj. J. L. Harris; Twenty-eighth, Col. Peter B. Starke; Col. John G. Ballentine’s regiment; First regiment, Col. R. A. Pinson; Gen. L. S. Ross' Texas regiment; and Brig.-Gen. Wirt Adams’ brigade, which held but two Mississippi regiments, his own, under Col. Robert C. Wood; the Fourth, Maj. T. R. Stockdale, and Capt. Calvit Roberts' battery. The Fourth was subsequently transferred from Starke to Adams.

General Chalmers' division was made up of three brigades. That commanded by Col. W. F. Slemons contained, in addition to an Arkansas and a Tennessee regiment, Col. John McQuirk's Third regiment State troops; the Fifth regiment, Col. James Z. George, and Capt. J. M. McLendon's battery. Col. Robert McCulloch’s brigade held, in addition to his own Missouri regiment, the First Partisans, Lieut.-Col. L. B. Hovis; Eighteenth battalion, Lieut.-Col. A. H. Chalmers; and the Buckner battery, Lieut. H. C. Holt. The brigade of Col. Robert C. Richardson embraced for a time the Twelfth Mississippi, Col. W. M. Inge. A brigade under Col. L. S. Ross was also for a time under Jackson, and then included Colonel Pinson's regiment, Ferguson's brigade, operating in northeast Mississippi, included the Twelfth cavalry, Col. W. M. Inge, and later was assigned to Jackson’s division. The effective strength of these brigades rarely exceeded 1,000 each. Maj.-Gen. Samuel J. Gholson was in command of State troops.

General Johnston reported November 7th: Present for