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artillery 1,000, so that at the utmost the little army which so gallantly charged upon the intrenched hills held by 14,000 Federals could not have numbered over 8,000. Chalmers reported the total effective force on August 1st, 5,357. His division lost 57 in killed and 255 wounded. Among the severely wounded were both the brigade commanders, McCulloch and Rucker, and Colonel Duff. Captain Middleton, a gallant young officer of the Eighteenth Mississippi, was killed. The loss of Buford's division, including Mabry's brigade, was 22 officers and 131 privates killed, 104 officers and 694 privates wounded and 48 missing, a total of nearly 1,000, or a third of the command. All of the regimental and nearly all of the company commanders of Mabry's brigade were killed or wounded in the assault of the 14th. Among the killed were Col. Isham Harrison and Lieut.-Col. Thomas M. Nelson of the Sixth Mississippi, Lieut.-Col. John B. Cage, Fourteenth Confederate, and Maj. R. C. McCay, Thirty-eighth Mississippi. The death of the brave Sherrill, of the Seventh Kentucky, was deeply mourned. Colonel Crossland, commanding brigade, Faulkner, Russell, Wilson, Barteau, Newsom, Lieutenant-Colonels Stockdale and Wisdom, and Majors Hale and Parham were among the wounded. General Forrest reported his entire loss at 210 killed and 1,116 wounded. The Federal report of casualties was 9 officers killed or mortally wounded, 69 men killed and 558 wounded.

On July 26th Maj.-Gen. Dabney H. Maury, in command at Mobile, had his authority extended to embrace the department of Alabama, Mississippi and East Louisiana in order that he might draw upon that territory for support, and Gen. S. D. Lee was called to the command of Hood's army corps at Atlanta.

On August 5th Forrest wrote to Maury that, Lyon having been assigned to command in Kentucky, and McCulloch and Rucker wounded, he had but one experi-