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onel Stephens, Colonel Dyer, Colonel Adair and Major Magee were wounded, and Col. W. W. Witherspoon was killed. Four Mississippi regiments lost their colors under the most gallant circumstances. The color-bearers of the Third and Twenty-second, General Featherston reported, planted their colors on the enemy's works and were wounded and captured. The color-bearer of the Thirty-third was killed some fifteen paces from the works, when Lieut. H. C. Shaw carried them forward, and when in the act of planting them on the works was killed, his body falling in the trench, the colors in the works. The flag of the Fifteenth was also lost, after four men had been shot down in bearing it. Sears' brigade, foremost amid the forlorn hope, fought with wonderful intrepidity. The names of the officers and men of this brigade who reached the main line of the enemy's works are now honorably recorded in the war records of a reunited people. With the same heroism the Mississippians of Cleburne's division had fought, and many of them died with Cleburne. Colonel Tison and Col. John Weir were among the severely wounded.

The division of Gen. Edward Johnson came up to the battlefield in the darkness of the evening and charged upon the works, moving against the enemy under a heavy fire of artillery and musketry, and gaining portions of the intrenched line. Gen. S. D. Lee reported: "The brigades of Sharp and Brantly (Mississippians) and Deas (Alabamians) particularly distinguished themselves. Their dead were mostly in the trenches and on the works of the enemy, where they nobly fell in a desperate hand-to-hand conflict. Sharp captured three stand of colors. Brantly was exposed to a sharp enfilade fire. These noble brigades never faltered in this terrible night struggle." Among the killed were Col. W. H. Bishop and Maj. G. W. Reynolds. Lieut.-Col. W. H. Sims, Capt. J. M. Hicks, Lieut.-Col. J. M. Johnson, all