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French is now living in Pensacola, Fla. He is a gentleman of high culture and is greatly esteemed, not only for his reputation as a general of decided ability, but as a man of sterling integrity and worth.

Brigadier-General Samuel Jameson Gholson was born in Madison county, Ky., May 19, 1808. When nine years of age, he moved with his parents to Alabama. He received his education in such schools as the country afforded and then studied law in Russellville, where he was admitted to the bar. Moving to Athens, Miss., in 1830, he soon began to take an active part in State politics. From 1833 to 1836 he served in the legislature. In 1837 he was elected to Congress as a Democrat to fill a vacancy, and a few months afterward was elected for the full term. His seat, however, was contested and given to his opponent. While in Congress he became involved in a dispute with Henry A. Wise of Virginia. The controversy became so warm that a duel was with the greatest difficulty prevented by John C. Calhoun and other friends of the two gentlemen. In 1838 he was appointed United States judge for the district of Mississippi by President Van Buren. This important office he held until 1861. When Mississippi seceded he enlisted as a private in the forces of that State, but was soon elected captain of a company. He was promoted to the rank of colonel of State forces, and later in the year to that of brigadier-general. He was present at Fort Donelson, where he received a wound. He was in the field again in the summer of 1862, being present at the indecisive battle of Iuka. He was also a participant at the battle of Corinth, where he was again wounded. He continued to serve in the State forces, of which he was made major-general in the spring of 1863. On May 6, 1864, he was commissioned a brigadier-general by the Confederate government and put in command of a cavalry brigade operating in Alabama, Mississippi and east Louisiana. This brigade consisted