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Miss., on the 22d day of December, 1882. Gen. Robert Lowry says of him, in his "History of Mississippi": "His name will long remain the synonym for knightly honor, for fidelity to every trust, for loyalty to every duty."

Brigadier-General Mark P. Lowrey, one of the brigade commanders of Cleburne's celebrated division, became colonel of the Thirty-second Mississippi, in the Confederate service April 3, 1862. After more than a year's service in north Mississippi and Tennessee he was promoted to brigadier-general, October 6, 1863. This was after the battle of Chickamauga, where every brigade and regiment of Cleburne's division was hotly engaged. At Missionary Ridge, Cleburne's division repulsed every attack made upon it, and at Ringgold Gap defeated Hooker and saved Bragg's army and its wagon train. Lowrey's brigade bore its full share of these noble achievements. For the battle of Ringgold, Cleburne and all his officers and men received the thanks of the Confederate Congress. During the hundred days of marching and fighting from Dalton to Atlanta and all around the doomed city, and at Jonesboro, Cleburne's men sustained their high reputation, and there were none among them better than the brave soldiers of Lowrey's brigade, nor a leader more skillful and intrepid than he. One of the most spirited, and to the Confederates successful, affairs of the whole campaign was at Pickett's mill, in May, where Cleburne's division repulsed the furious onset of Howard's whole corps, inflicting on the Federals a loss many times their own. In this affair Kelly's cavalry, consisting of Allen's and Hannon's Alabama brigades, first encountered a body of Federal cavalry supported by the Fourth corps. Cleburne, seeing the maneuver to turn his right, brought Granbury's brigade to Kelly's support, while Govan sent the Eighth and Ninth Arkansas regiments under Colonel Baucum to the assistance of Kelly. This little body met