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skirmishing, on the morning of the 17th, they were returning to camp for provisions, having been sent off in such a hurry as to prevent their making preparations for breakfast, and had gotten within three-quarters of a mile of camp before the approach of the enemy was announced to them by one of my couriers coming in with a prisoner who had been taken by a sentinel (Private Wethered of Company H). The outpost and guard fell back, fighting not very severely, but killing several of the enemy. One of the guard (Kennedy of Company H) killed 2, having taken two deliberate musket-shots from the same spot at 4 of the Federalists, all of whom fired at him. Shelley's company having advanced again to sustain the guards, had a sharp skirmish with them. The result of the skirmish may be summed up thus: On our side 2 men wounded slightly, one in leg, the other in the ear; on the side of the enemy, 1 prisoner and at least 20 killed and wounded." (537) Mentioned in General Ewell's report. (944) General Beauregard assigns regiment to Second brigade, June 20th. (1000) Same assignment, July 25, 1861.

Vol. V—(737) Mentioned as being near mouth of Bull Run, by E. J. Allen (Allen Pinkerton), January 27, 1862. (825) Ewell's brigade, Beauregard's corps, August, 1861. (1029) Rodes' brigade, Beauregard's "Potomac District," January 14, 1862.

Vol. XI, Part 1—(621) Mentioned in report of Capt. Wm. Hexauer, of action at West Point landing, May 7, 1862. (971-976) Mentioned in report of Gen. R. E. Rodes of battle of Seven Pines or "Fair Oaks," several times. Calls special attention to gallantry and coolness, among others, of Col. C. C. Pegues and Maj. E. L. Hobson; also reports 29 killed and 181 wounded. (977, 978) Report of Col. C. C. Pegues, same battle, speaks very highly of conduct of Major Hobson and Lieut. R. Inge Smith, acting adjutant. He reports 229 killed and wounded. (1076) Lieut. L. D. Wiley among killed.

Vol. XI, Part 2—(484) Rodes' brigade, Hill's division, Jackson's corps; Seven Days' battles around Richmond. (405) Casualties, 43 killed and 131 wounded, June 26 to July 1, 1862. (621) Mentioned in report of Col. Bradley Johnson, Maryland line. (625) Report of Gen. D. H. Hill speaks very highly of this regiment and its officers. He says: "Col. C. C. Pegues, the noble Christian com-