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The State Committee appointed to raise funds for the monument to Jefferson Davis, at Richmond. Va., for the state of Mississippi, met in the Governor's office on Thursday. The members of the committee present were Maj. Gen. Stephen D. Lee, Chairman; Gov. J. M. Stone, ex-Gov. Robert Lowry and Col. C. C. Flowerree, Lieut. Col. Fred J. V. LeDand, the other member, absent. The committee passed the following resolutions:

1. That Col. J. L. Power be appointed a committee of one to correspond and ascertain what amount of money has been subscribed in different localities in the State to erect a monument to Jefferson Davis, and if said money can be used for the monument in Richmond.

2. That for purposes for organization, the Chairman of this committee, Gen. Lee, open correspondence with the Sheriff of each county in the State, who, with the Chancery and Circuit Clerks, will be requested to send him the names of six representative Confederate ladies of the county, who will be a Central Committee for the county to raise funds for the " Jefferson Davis Monument, in Richmond, with such other local committees throughout the county in each supervisor's district, as they may appoint to assist them. That Jan. 2, 1893, be named as a day to get subscriptions for the monument, and thereafter on each first day of succeeding months till the amount is obtained. Subscriptions to be not less than 25 cents or more than $1 for each individual. Gen. Lee to perfect the organization and arrange for the receipt of the money.

3. That the Chairman of the committee, Gen. Lee, appeal to comrades Col. J. L. Power, Col. J. R. Binford, Col. T. H. Jones, Col. P. M. Savery and Col. J. R. Mcintosh, to deliver addresses or lectures in their own and adjacent counties and in such other localities as they desire in the State, for the purpose of raising funds for the erection of the monument to President Davis at Richmond, Va., and that Gen. Lee, in making this request known to the comrades mentioned, state that this committee feels confident that they can rely on their compliance in this work that is so near the heart of every Confederate veteran.

4. That the Chairman, Gen. Lee, be requested to appeal to the press of the State to assist the committee, the different local organizations, the lecturers and other instrumentalities in carrying out the purpose in view.

Gen. E. D. Hall, Chairman for North Carolina, in a recent letter says: "Please forward to me all information possible that may assist in the work. As you will see by the papers I have commenced operations, and I intend to push it to the utmost of my ability." I shall have the bulk of the work, but North Carolina will do her share.

Gen. B. T. Duval reports organization of the following Camps in Arkansas: The Ben T. Duval, at Fort Smith; Ben McCulloch, at Greenwood; Stonewall Jackson, at Hockett City; Cabell, at Alma; John Wallace, at Van Buren ; Gratoit, at Hope; Joe Neal, at Nashville: Haller, at Centre Point; R. W. Harper, at Morrillton; Jeff Davis, at Conway : W. H. Brooks. at Fayetteville, and that there are others in process of organization.

In an address to Mississippians, Col. J. L. Power says: " Being anxious to discharge the duty assigned me to the best of my ability, I will be thankful for information as to the whereabouts of amounts already subscribed for, a monument to Mr. Davis. Immediately after his death a State Monument Association was organized in Jackson, and subscriptions were made in several places — some on condition that the Monument should be in Mississippi, and others without such condition. The Commanders of Camps of Confederate Veterans, and the Sheriffs, are specially requested to inquire as to these funds, and have them forwarded to John S. Ellett, President of the State Bank, at Richmond, Va., and advise me of the amount and date when forwarded."


Hon. John L. Webber, of Charleston, S. C, sends out this circular: " Dear Sir — I desire to call your attention to the action recently taken by the combined associations working to raise funds for the erection of a monument to President Jefferson Davis. It has been decided that this monument shall be erected at Richmond, the Capital of the Confederacy, and $250,000 is wanted for the work. We feel sure that this amount will be easily and quickly raised. The Southern people owe it to themselves that a fitting memorial should be erected to the man who will stand in history as the chief representative of principles, that are dear to their hearts. I feel that it is useless to urge this matter. I hope you will take steps at once to raise as much money from your friends as you can. I would suggest the enlistment of the ladies in this cause, and feel sure that considerable money can be raised during the fall and winter through entertainments of various kinds. All moneys collected should be sent at once to Mr. John S. Ellett, Richmond, Va., who is the bonded Treasurer of the combined Monument Funds.

Gen. Ben T. Duval, Chairman for Arkansas, expects to convene his committee at Little Rock this month during the session of the Legislature.

Some of the States have not organized because of the inability of the Chairman to take charge of the work. Preparation is being made to supplv these deficiencies, and it is expected that organization will be completed in the States, also in New York and Chicago.