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188 CONFEDERATE VETERAN. — Schools and summer resorts are advised that the Veteran for July will be a superior medium for ad- vertising — 10,000 copies. TO CONFEDERATE VETERANS. This Will Interest You Personally. Get a Benefit While You Live. The National Co-operative Guarantee Company, organized in this city last November, and recently admitted by the Insurance Commissioner as a Mutual Life Insurance Company, is attracting considerable attention just now. Figuring on the experience of all forms of life insur- ance, and catching the trend of the co-operative spirit of the times, its projectors have presented a plan that seems to be not only plausible, but in every way prac- ticable. Fur a number of years the Mutual Reserve, Knights of Honor. United Workingmen, and other kindred institutions, have matured their policies and met their obligations with an average assessment of less than $12 per year on the 81,000, while the older forms of life insurance have not mily met their obliga- tions, 1 hi t after paying enormous running expenses have accumulated "reserve" ami "surplus" funds that are startling. The projectors of this new candidate for public favor assume that .aside from its actual legitimate run- ning expenses a lif< insurance company has no need for a sum of money beyond what is needed t<> pay its death claims, and they declare that all "reserve" and "surplus" should go hack into the hands of the per- sons from whom it originally came. This plan opens up possibilities in life insurance nol heretofore supposed to exist, and not only gives pro- tection in the case of death, but actually furnishes insurance that may mature in the lifetime of the insured. By its plan the company does not assume enormous speculative risks on the life of any one, bul limits its death risk to 81,000 on each life, figured on the basis of 33 years. A person may. however, hold as many 81,000 policies as he cl ses, bul in doing so he waives all death claims against the company beyond 81,000,.and accepts in lieu his pro rata of the profits that accrue to the company after meeting its death losses. This plan gives the poor man with one policy the same insurance and the same prospeel to receive his money while living, that it furnishes i he rich man who holds --' ; '" 000 bj an equitable distribution of the profits thai occur from investment. A more equitable and ju-t plan it seems could hardly be conceived, and its workings cannol fail to result well. Though but •-even months old, the company has written more than 1,700 policies, paid two death claims and two live men, and it- business outlook seems to be unparalleled.

ie imt familial- with the plan will fail t<> he pleas- 

antly surprised if he gives the matter a little serious thought. POSITIONS GUARANTEED,^ 1 Bend rorfree TL'-paL- catalogue «>f Draughon's Consolidated Practical Business i ollege, Na-h- iiii-. ivnn. Bookkeeping, Penmanship, Short ha ii' I. Typewriting, Telegraphy, etc. Studenta received from ail pans <.r the world. Cheap Board. No vacation. Enter now. «ENTtonTM.9p»p E ».