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THE DAVIS MONUMENT FUND. ..1ST OF THOSE WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED. The list "f contributors is arranged under two heads, First, those whose names are given, and second, the sums collected where the names of donors are not known. It ie earnestly requested that for next issue supplied for the other lists, so the record of contributors may be as complete as possible. The names from Birmingham and other Alabama points are to appear in the next issue. This important list i^ incomplete. It will be re- i and republished. Kadi name represents 81. ALABAMA. P.iitMiN'.HAM — .1 I. Buford. (iKKENVIU.E — I. aura E Abrams, E R Adams, J T Beeland, .1 G Daniel & Co, I) G Dunklin, YV J Dunk- lin. Dunn & Ezekiel, C B Herbert, L M Lane, Robt A Lee, .1 A Me(iehce. (.'has Newman, Chas Newman, T V Peagler, Wm Pierce, Mrs V Fierce, Mrs It Y Por- ter, J I! Porterfield, J B Powell,.! C Richardson, F C Smith, I C Steiner, J M Steiner, S J Steiner. A Stein- hart, A G Stewart. T .1 Thomas, Rev G It Upton, J H Wilson, Mrs E S V Wilson. Gadsden — J Aiken, V (I Brockway and A L Glenn, 85; Wm Chandler, A -I Collingsworth, L W Dean, A B Dunny, V A Dungan, W H Denson,85; HG Earnest, Frank & Haysdon, M L Hicks, L E Humphreys, Meek Jc Johnson, $5; .1 H Standifer, Abe Thompson, J E Whaley, K A Mitchell, R Goldman and L Smith, •f Queen City Bank #5. IIintsv n.i.K — Miss Jeanie Sheffey. Moiiii.k — J R Burgett, V W Dugger, Van Dorn sta- tion; V<; Duggar, Gallion station; Miss M B Kirk- liride, T T Roche, Louise B Sprague, .1 It Tompkins, .1 I. Tucker, Price Williams, .Jr. Piiatt Mines— I) M B Hasslet, J T Massingen, T E Mitchell, J ii Moore, W N Polk, J W Randall, L M Bccse, .1 A Rhodes, P .1 Rogers, 82; W L Rogers, C A Simmons, E A Smith, Walton & Peteel, E E Wiggins. Union Spkings — 1) S Bethunc, Virginia A Black- inon, N M Blidsoe, II G Bryan, Annie E Buford, J R Buford, II P Coleman, Mrs S •) Foster, C C Frazer, Mrs N II Frazer, W H Fuller, E H Goodwin, R H Hajas, Annie I. Hobdv, Jennie McKay Hobdv, .1 B Hobdy, Marie Hobdv, Marv Hobdy, R L Hobdv, R L Hobdy, Jr., Chas L .links, A Miles', Mrs F M Moseley, Mrs A I! I'hillips, Mrs .1 E Pickett, W W Rainer, T P Han- dle. E T Handle, J L Roberts. ARKANSAS. AriirsTA — James Eblin. Batesvim.e — Nathan Adler, Simon Adlcr, James A Luster, John F Alien, W E Bevens. J VCase,Jas A Carter, J P Collin, R M Desha, W J Erwin, I) C Ewing, John W Fen-ill. J C Fitzhugb, E L Givens, S A Hail, H M Hodge, T J Home, W B Lawrence, T M Mack, Robt Neill, T J Owens, I N Reed, James Ruth- erford, M A Wycough, MAR Wycough. Hot Springs — Dr Holliday, ?•"). Moohefield — Jesse A Moore, J E Ross. GEORGIA. Blackshear — A P Brantley, Nettie Brantley, Henry J Smith, Jennie Smith. Chu KAMAtcA — S F Parrott. Macon — Chas Herbst. ILLINOIS. Chicago — Col G Forrester, Gen W A C Ryan. Mrs Ryan, Col. J G Ryan, Mrs E A Shannon. Lilly — E W Bacon. Miss Lilly Bacon. Mackinaw— Mrs L E Brock. INDIANA. Evansvii.i.e — A J Thomas, So. Indianapolis — G F Miller, 85. KENTUCKY. Fairview — Bethel Sunday School, $8.50; R W Dow- ner, 83; P E Downer, $2.50; S B Jesup, B D Lackey, H E Morton, J L Moselv, $1.50; R L Moselv, 81.50; W R Vaughn. Pembroke— R T Chilton, Mrs. R T Chilton. Hopkinsville — W B Dicken. Frankfort — W T Havens. Georgetown — A H Sinclair, $5. Henderson — R H Cunningham, W M Hanna, M M Kimmel, J W Lockett, Sights & Johnston, Mont- gomery Merritt, D J B Reeve, J J Reeve, P K Snead, F Walker. RissELLVii.LE— T J Bailey, $6.05; Dr R N Beau- champ, $1 ; J B Briggs, $5; George R Beall, $1 ; Wil- son Beard, 81 ; R B Chastain, $1; Joseph Cumbett, $1 ; John W Caldwell, 5 ; Dr B F Kidd, 81 ; W B McCarty, 81; James M McCutchen, 81; John G. Orndorff, 81 ; William Smith, 81 ; C. W. Swanson, 81 ; M B Stovall, $1. LOUISIANA. New Orleans, La., Nov. 23, 1892. W. R. Lyman, A. A. General, New Orleans: Comrade — Complying with general orders No. 9, IT. C. V., dated Oct. 8, 1892, 1 beg to submit the following detailed report of all collections for account of the Jefferson Davis Monument Fund turned over to me as Treasurer for Louisiana for that fund, and the dispo- sition I have made of the same, from June 22, 1891, to Nov. 23, 1892': . June 22, John T. Block, La. Div. A. N. V 8 102 65 June 22, Wm. McLaughlin, Vet. C. S. C... 54 00 Julv 1, J. Y. Gilmore, La. Div. A. N. V 55 00 July 1, J. B. Levert, Sugar and Rice Ex 100 50 July 1, J. B. Levert, Vet. C. S. C 40 50 July 1, Jos. Demoruelle, C. H. St. Paul 22 00 July 8, Lawson L. Davis, C. H. St. Paul 43 00 July 9, Col. Wm. P. Johnston, Soldiers and Sons of Soldiers of Avery's Salt Mines 11 25 July 10, Gen. Oeo. O. Watts, Jefferson Davis Camp 25 00 July 10, Gen. Geo. 0. Watts, Citizens and Soldiers of Blue and Gray 64 00 July 16, Pilcher Bros, and W. H. Pilcher, proceeds of Pilcher, concert, July 10 <>6 00 Julv 17, Chas. D. Dclerev, Armv of Tenn. La. Div. fund created " 102 50 July 22, A. W. Hyatt, A. of T. La. Div 75 00 Julv 22, J. B. Levert, Vet. C. S. C 60 00 July 22, J. B. Levert, Sugar and Rice Ex 8 50 July 22, A. N. Block, La. Div. A. N. Va 9 50