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MONEYS RECEIVED FOR THE MONUMENT — THE NAMES OF DONORS TO BE SUPPLIED. Request is made for all lists of names procurable from the following : ALABAMA. Anniston — Through Mrs. R. Gardner, 821. Birmingham — Through Mrs. R. Gardner, $200. Eutaw — Sanders' Camp, $6. Montgomery— Through Mrs. M. D. Bibb, 8143.85 Tuscumbia— Through Col. A. H. Kellar, $13.15. ARKANSAS Little Rock— Hon. John G. Fletcher, $11.25. FLORIDA. Jacksonville — Gen. William Baya, $500. GEORGIA. Au<;usta— Patrick Walsh and others, 84(H). ill. Sparta — Through Mrs. Middlebrooks, $41.75. MISSISSIPPI. V1CK8BURG — The Vicksburg ('. V. Camp, through Col. D. A. Campbell, $409.55. MISSOURI. Harrisonnille — Jeff Bur ford, $75. NORTH CAROLINA. Charlotte — Through the Observer, $29.50. Salisbury— Sent to Judge W L Calhoun, $15.25. Statesville — Through J. P. Caldwell, $4 Waynesville— R..Y. Dylus, 88.25. TENNESSEE Lewisburc, — Through Capt. W. (J. Loyd, 8*5. McKenzie— Through - — , $103.20.' TEXAS. Corpus Christi — M C Spann, collection, $177.75. Fort Worth— Through Mrs. B. B. Pollard, $101.70. , Mrs S R Coggm, $7. lected quite a sum from various sources. In Julv last General Burbridge addressed to the Times-Unum a communication — which was published —suggesting that if the contributors to the Relief Fund, of which he was custodian, offered no objection, this money might be turned over to the Davis Monument Fundf, and he sent his check for $25 as a contribution to the monument movement." This "relief fund" was offered to Mrs. Davis, but she declined to accept it. SOME who have helped the fund. Louisville — Miss Martha A. Sneed, $10; Miss Jo- sephine Walker. New Orleans — Mrs. May Poitevant, $5. Mansfield — Miss Belle Taylor. Clarksville — Little Miss Huckner, $5. J. W. Simmons, of Mexia. Tex., reports the follow- ing contributions for $1 each: W. H. Williams, C. L. Watson, J. W. Simmons, H. W. Gray, J. M. Rombo, Joe Wilder, H. A. Boyd, E. B. McCoy, Bennett Hunt and Mrs. D. A. Murphy, of Mexia, and Capt. T. B. Tyers, of Groesbeck, and adds: I will send a large list after the concert." Preparations are being made for an entertainment there the 27th inst. for the pro- motion of the fund. Jacksonville. Fla., has done a splendid part for the Davis Monument Fund. Much credit is due that people for their zeal. It will be recalled that the pop- ulation of Jacksonville is very largely Northern. The Times-Union has this to say of the fund raised there, which has been forwarded to Richmond through the General Agent: "Gen. William Bayabecame treasurer of the local fund. The principal solicitor was W. D. Matthews, who raised, in all, 8205.50. — most of it in small contributions, ranging from 25 cents to $5. Mr. Matthews devoted a good deal of his time to the work, as he could spare it from his regular daily business, and the people of Jacksonville will be indebted to him for a large portion of the credit which they receive for their generosity. Mr. Clarence W. Smith also col- THE CONQUERED BANNER. BY FATHER ABRAM .1. RYAN, THE l'OET PRIEST OF THE 80CTB. Furl that banner, for 'tis weary, Round Ms Mutt 'tis drooping dreary; Furl I', fold It, It Is bent: For there's not a man to wave it, And there's not a sword to save It, And there's not one left to lave It In the blood which heroes gave It. And It* foes now scorn and brave It- Furl It. hide It, let It rest. Take the banner down — 'tis tattered, Broken Is Its staff and shattered, And the valient hosts are scattered I > er wbom It floated high. < Hi • t is hard for us to fold it, Hard to think there's none to hold It, Hard that those who once unrolled II Now must unfurl it with a sigh. Furl that banner, furl It sadly— Once ten thousand hailed It gladly, And ten thousa< d wildly, madly. Swore It should forever wave, Swore that foeinan's sword could never Heart* like theirs entwined dissever. Till that flag would float forever o'er their freedom or their grave. Furl It, for the hands that grasped It, And the hearts that fondly clasped It, < 'old and dead are lying low : And the banner, it Is trailing. While around It sounds the walling of It* people In their woe. For, though conquered, they adore It, Love the cold, dead hands that bore It, Weep for those who fell before it, Pardon those who trailed and tore It, And oh: wildly they deplore It, Now to furl and fold It so. Furl that banner! true 'lis gory, Yet 'tis wreathed around with glory, And 'twill live In song and story, Though Its folds are in the dust ; For its fame oir brightest pages, Penned by poets and by sages, Shall go sounding down the ages, Furl Its folds though now we must, Furl that banner, softly, slowly, Treat it gently— It is holy— For It droops above the dead ; Touch It not, unfold It never, Let It droop there, furled forever. For Its people's hopes are dead.