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Chapter I


Article 340: The purpose of an amendment is to add to or modify one or more articles of the Constitution, without altering the fundamental structure of the same.

Article 341: The procedure for adopting amendments to the Constitution shall be as follows:

(1) The initiative may emanate from 15% of the citizens registered with the Civil and Electoral Registry, from 39% of the members of the National Assembly or from the President of the Republic, sitting with the Cabinet of Ministers.
(2) When the initiative emanates from the National Assembly, the amendment shall require approval by a majority of the members of that body, and shall be debated in accordance with the procedure established under this Constitution for the enactment of laws.
(3) Electoral Power shall submit the amendments to a referendum within 30 days of formally receiving the same.
(4) Amendments shall be deemed approved in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution and the law concerning the approval referendum.
(5) Amendments shall be numbered consecutively and shall be published beneath the Constitution without altering the text of the latter, but with an annotation at the bottom of the amended article (s) of the number and date of the amendment modifying the same.