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Article 161: Governors shall give a yearly public accounting to the State Comptroller for their office, and shall submit a report on the same to the Legislative Council and the Public Policy Planning and Coordination Council.

Article 162: Legislative Authority shall be exercised in each State by a Legislative Council consisting of no more than fifteen and at least seven members, who shall proportionally represent the population of the State and the Municipalities. The Legislative Council shall have the following powers:

(1) To legislate matters within state competence.
(2) Pass the state’s Budget Law.
(3) Any others vested in it by this Constitution or by the law.

The requirements for being a member of the Legislative Council, the obligation to give a yearly accounting and immunity within the territorial jurisdiction, shall be governed by the rules established by this Constitution for deputies of the National Assembly, insofar as applicable. State legislators shall be elected for a four-year term, being eligible for reelection for only two terms. The organization and functioning of the Legislative Council shall be regulated by the national law.

Article 163: Each State shall have a Comptroller's Office which shall enjoy structural and operating autonomy. The State Comptroller's Office shall exercise, in accordance with this Constitution and in accordance with law, control, vigilance and auditing authority over state revenues, expenses and assets, without prejudice to the scope of the functions of the Office of the General Comptroller of the Republic. This body shall act under the direction and responsibility of a Comptroller, whose qualifications to serve in this position shall be determined by law, guaranteeing his capability and independence, as well as the neutrality of his appointment, which shall be by public competition.

Article 164: Is of the States exclusive competence: